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Bulletproof vest - our recommendations in comparison

If you want to buy a bulletproof vest or bulletproof vest, you should consider a few things. For this purpose, we present the TOP 10 products in this section. To make your decision easier, we have summarized the pros and cons of the individual products for you.

You will also find a detailed guide to bulletproof vests / bulletproof vests at the end of the article, in which we go into more detail on all questions that may arise on the subject.

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Bulletproof vest - our recommendations

1st place: Tactical vest from Counter Strike game

This tactical vest has a removable bulletproof panel. It is also equipped with three standard magazine pockets, a map and flashlight pocket and two additional pockets. All pockets are removable. The vest can be ordered in different colors and sizes.

  • different sizes and colors
  • Detachable pockets
  • removable plate
  • light weight
  • not suitable for wearing under clothing

Customer opinions

92% of customers agree: great quality and fair price. Only 4% are dissatisfied with this bulletproof vest.

2nd place: bulletproof vest

This bulletproof vest can easily be worn under clothing. It reliably protects you from bullet and knife attacks.

  • wearable under clothing
  • Knife and bullet protection
  • light weight
  • No storage options

Customer opinions

So far there has only been one customer review for this vest, but it is very positive.

3rd place: bulletproof vest

The bulletproof vest can also be worn under clothing. It is the heaviest vest among our recommendations at 3.5 kg. The vest has two pockets for the two hard protective plates, which mainly protect the heart and stomach area. In addition, this vest is waterproof.

  • wearable under clothing
  • Knife and bullet protection
  • waterproof
  • a little heavier than its predecessor

Customer opinions

Unfortunately there are no customer reviews for this vest so far.

What is a bulletproof vest?

A bulletproof vest - also known as a bulletproof vest - is worn over the upper body and offers protection against attacks with various kinds of weapons. For example, bullets or projectiles from firearms can be repelled as well as knife attacks. The official name is bullet-resistant vest, the terms flak vest or kevlar vest are still used. As a precautionary measure, bulletproof vests are mainly worn by the military and as personal protective equipment by the police. In war zones, the vests are also distributed to the population. Because of this, there are bulletproof vests not only for adults but also for children. In Germany, the vests are freely available and can be bought in different designs. In terms of quality, weight plays a crucial role. The lighter the bulletproof vest, the higher the quality can be classified.

Even in ancient times, people knew how to protect their bodies in hand-to-hand combat. Shields and armor were worn to survive attacks with the arrow, sword or dagger. The bulletproof vest serves as a modern further development of the classic protective measures, which were supposed to save lives in times when hand-to-hand fighting was part of people's lives. In the modern western world, a bulletproof vest is not worn in everyday life. Police officers protect themselves from serious consequences during dangerous operations in which physical assault is feared. In the military, protective vests are worn in all battles. It is important to know that injuries cannot be completely ruled out. The bulletproof vest only protects part of the body. Head and neck, arms and legs remain unprotected. However, the parts of the body that are under the protective vest can also be affected by injuries. Nevertheless, the bulletproof vest has already saved many lives and has therefore proven itself in dangerous situations.

Who is a bulletproof vest suitable for?

The bulletproof vest is used wherever there is a risk to the person concerned. This is mainly the case with the police and the Bundeswehr. But also public figures and employees of security companies wear bulletproof vests in certain situations. Before buying the vest, you should think carefully about the occasion for which you need it. If there is no danger from firearms, you can also consider getting a stab protection vest.

armed forces

The bulletproof vest is mandatory in the Bundeswehr for all missions that may pose a risk. In order to get young soldiers used to wearing and moving around in the bulletproof vest, the vests are also put on during the exercise. In the equipment of every soldier there is a bulletproof vest as standard. At the beginning of the career in the Bundeswehr, handling the vest is practiced.


The police officers' regulations for the respective operations regulate when the wearing of a bulletproof vest is a requirement. In addition, the bulletproof vest can be worn by the police even if the officers feel safer during an operation. If the officers go on a mission where dangerous situations are expected, they put on their bulletproof vests. Examples of these uses are:

  • Soccer games
  • Folk festivals
  • Demonstrations
  • Operations in city districts with a high level of violence
  • Arrest of suspected criminals
  • Prosecuting offenders after an escape or a prison break

The handling and movement of the bulletproof vest is practiced during the training. This also applies to traffic cops and the criminal police, although bulletproof vests are not worn as often in these departments.

Public figures

There are people in public life who are exposed to assault in their work as well as in their private life. Most of them are politicians. But human rights activists or people who lead a protest movement also see themselves at risk. The stab and bulletproof vest is mainly worn on official occasions where violence or assaults are feared. In the private sector, a bulletproof vest is much less common.


Security employees are often required to wear a bulletproof vest. This applies in particular to demonstrations and public events to which violent participants are expected. In football stadiums, there are also security staff who wear bulletproof vests during their working hours due to the high level of violence. Some companies have regulations about this. Others allow their employees to wear the bulletproof vest.

Private individuals

It is rare in Germany for private individuals who are not in public to wear a bulletproof vest. Since the vests are freely available for sale and can therefore be purchased by everyone, it is possible to wear them. At demonstrations or in other areas in which there is a fear of danger, private individuals may put on bulletproof vests.
It is particularly common for private individuals to wear bulletproof vests in war zones. Here people try to protect themselves from gunshots and shrapnel when they take to the streets. This area of ​​application is rather excluded in Germany and Europe due to the high level of security.

Important to know:
If you want to protect yourself from potential hazards with a bulletproof vest, it is not prohibited. It is always up to you to decide whether you want to wear a bulletproof vest for a given occasion.

How does a bulletproof vest work?

The way a bulletproof vest works is very similar to that of the ancient protective shield. Under a solid and robust material - often Kevelar is used - there is a protection made of metal. This protection effectively fends off attacks with a sharp weapon, such as a knife or sword. Nevertheless, the wearer must be able to handle movements to defend himself, because the bulletproof vest only protects the upper body below the shoulder to the hips. The metal is incorporated in both the front and the back. Thus, the wearer is also protected from attacks that come from ambush. Since attackers often know that officers are wearing a bulletproof vest, attacks are often targeted on other parts of the body. A protective posture and defensive measures are therefore necessary despite wearing a protective vest.

Important to know:
A protective vest is sometimes quite heavy. The wearer should practice wearing the vest beforehand. This is especially true for people who have not learned how to use the protective vest as a job.

What is a bulletproof vest made of?

The bulletproof vest consists of several elements. The materials and the principles according to which the bulletproof vest are constructed differ from one manufacturer to another. As with other items, if you are planning to purchase a bulletproof vest, you can choose from several manufacturers. These products differ in their material, but also in their quality. The use of the materials also depends on the protection class.


The materials are divided into hard ballistic and soft ballistic components. A bulletproof vest, which mainly consists of soft ballistic components, is in the lower protection classes. A combination of hard gallic and soft ballistic materials guarantees a medium protection class. Bulletproof vests, which are in high protection classes, consist mainly of hard ballistic materials.

The following materials are used:

  • Kevelar
  • resistant plastics
  • Metal plates

The aim is to cushion an incoming projectile or a pointed object. This is achieved by interweaving different fabrics. A metal plate offers additional security and is assigned to the higher protection classes. However, these vests are significantly heavier, which has a negative effect on the wearing properties.

Construction of the bulletproof vest

The bulletproof vest is made of material that combines good wearing properties with optimal protection. Several layers of fibers and metal are arranged on top of one another. In addition to protecting the torso, other areas can be included in the protective effect. These accessories are associated with the classic body of the protective vest. The area of ​​the shoulders, genitals or thighs can be included in the protection. In any case, it is important that the greatest possible freedom of movement is achieved.

Soft ballistics

Protective vests, which are made exclusively from soft ballistic materials, convince with their advantageous wearing properties. They consist exclusively of multi-woven synthetic fibers. Since no metals are integrated, the vests are light. The protective effect is in the lower protection classes. Should a bullet or a pointed object penetrate, it will get caught in the stable interweaving of the fabrics. The bullet gets stuck or it reaches the body with little energy. As a result, the injuries are not that severe.

Hard ballistics

Bulletproof vests made of hard ballistics have a plastic cover and an integrated metal plate. This repels projectiles and pointed objects more reliably than models that are made exclusively from soft ballistics. The protective effect is thus higher. The disadvantage is the higher weight. Injuries cannot be completely ruled out even with these protective vests.

Important to know:
The optimal protection always corresponds to the highest protection class. If it cannot be ruled out that attacks with hard ammunition could occur, the best protection class should be selected. After all, the point is to save your own life in the event of an assault.

Bulletproof vest - the protection classes

Bulletproof vests are divided into four different protection classes. These are designated with the abbreviations SK1 to SK4. The higher the number, the better the protection provided by the bulletproof vest. The regulations stipulate certain protection classes for the types of use in the police and the military. If you are considering buying a bulletproof vest for private reasons, you should choose the highest possible protection class for optimal safety.

Effective protection against handgun ammunition with a soft core and stabbing weaponsProtection against attacks with ammunition with a hard core and stabbing weaponsProtection against long guns ammunition with a soft core, partial jacket or hollow pointMaximum protection: long guns ammunition made from solid core
Important to know:
The protection classes are based on standards that apply equally to all manufacturers and must be complied with.

How much does a bulletproof vest weigh?

Every bulletproof vest has a weight that must be worn by the wearer over a longer period of time. This should be taken into account when purchasing. Since a bulletproof vest made of hard ballistics does not offer protection for the entire body, a defensive stance must be adopted in the event of an attack. With a heavyweight back on, this could become a problem. Police officers and members of the Bundeswehr practice wearing a protective vest, even of the highest protection class. This is also recommended for private individuals. Not every bulletproof vest is light and inconspicuous to wear. Especially in the higher protection classes, the weight is so high that the vest can be clearly felt over a longer period of time. Protective vests with a lower weight are more expensive to buy. However, this investment definitely pays off.

Weight examples for bulletproof vests

Similar to clothing, there are sizes when buying bulletproof vests. The weight depends on the size and the protection class. There are manufacturers who attach great importance to low weight. Others focus on a low price. Thus, the specified weight can only be formulated as an example:

  • SK1 - 2.0 to 2.5 kilograms
  • SK2 - up to eight kilograms
  • SK3 - up to 15 kilograms
  • SK4 - can exceed 30 kilograms
Every bulletproof vest should be tested before purchase. This is the only way to find out whether you can move around easily in the model and whether you could wear it for a longer period of time.

What can a bulletproof vest withstand?

The value of a bulletproof vest is measured by what it can withstand. Basically, the resistant materials ward off attacks that are carried out with a firearm, a knife or other sharp objects. The bulletproof vest can also offer helpful protection in close combat. In this way punches and attacks with the baton are fended off, as far as they are directed against the upper body. If close combat is expected, police officers can also equip themselves with a helmet and special knee pads. This makes the equipment to be carried heavier. However, the protection potential is significantly increased.

Bulletproof vests are not able to protect against injuries. If ammunition gets caught in the gun vest, the high speed at which it is aimed at the body can break bones. Bruises and stab wounds are also possible. First and foremost, a bulletproof vest is supposed to save lives. This succeeds because the force of the attack is so mitigated by wearing the vest that the injuries are in most cases not fatal, but can heal after medical treatment.

Which bulletproof vest to buy?

Buying the right bulletproof vest is often a difficult decision. Nobody can say in advance whether an event will occur and what dimensions it will have. As a rule, the police do not know whether there will be attacks or whether armed violence will be used. It is certainly not known in advance which weapons will be used. However, this would be very important for choosing the right protection class. It is essential to realistically assess the risk in advance. Bulletproof vests of the highest protection class are not necessary if it is known that it will be a peaceful event to which the police will be called. This means that the decision can only be made for the next event on the basis of the information available.

Important to know:
A bulletproof vest can only offer optimal protection if its size and weight are adapted to the constitution of the wearer. Unrestricted freedom of movement must also be guaranteed after putting on the vest.

If you want to buy a protective vest for private use, it is important that it fits snugly and has an optimal fit.Only then will you be able to move sufficiently. You can get a bulletproof vest for the entire upper body that offers you optimal protection. Bulletproof vests for children in smaller sizes are also offered. Here, however, it is important to weigh up the use carefully so as not to cause unnecessary fear in the children.

Bulletproof vest for dogs

There are also special vests with bulletproof properties for dogs. These models are used with service dogs and hunting dogs. Often times it is necessary to bring a well trained dog with you. If attacks are to be expected, the animals should not be exposed to them without protection. The use of a special vest does not affect the dog and offers the greatest possible safety in the event of an attack.

Bulletproof vest allowed in Germany

You may be wondering whether it is even allowed to wear a protective vest in Germany. There are people who choose to wear a bulletproof tactical vest just in case, so to speak. If you are planning on doing this, you should study the law of assembly. If you wear a class four protective vest, you can pose a danger to other people. Wearing the vests at public events is therefore prohibited. In principle, however, you are allowed to wear the vests for your own protection. This also means that you can freely buy a bulletproof vest in stores.

Important to know:
Keep in mind that wearing a bulletproof vest in an argument could result in suspicion of prior planning. This is especially true if you are caught in the event of an assault. It is therefore important to consider wearing the bulletproof vest and, in case of doubt, to be able to justify it.


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