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50 Incredible Will Smith Facts You Didn't Know Before!

In keeping with his 50th birthday, we have 50 fresh facts about Will Smith for you!

1) The dream team

When Will met Jeff Townes, they started making music a short time later. They called themselves DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

2) His role model

Will grew up in the 70s and 80s and his great role model as a kid was Grandmaster Flash.

3) His parents

Will’s mother was a teacher and his father was a refrigeration engineer and owner of a refrigerator company. His parents were Baptists, but still sent Will to a strict Catholic school.

4) The vision

Will was already acting like a Hollywood superstar when he was younger. He said, “In my mind, I've always been a Hollywood superstar. You all just didn't know anything about it. "

5) First love

In the midst of his career breakthrough, Will married actress Sheree Zampino in 1992. The two have a son ("Trey") together. Will and Sheree divorced in 1995.

6) The canvas

Shortly after the divorce, Will began to focus more and more on his acting career. His first film was the 1995 film "Bad Boys".

7) We can do it if we try

Will Smith’s song, “Just the Two of Us” from 1997, was about his son Trey.

8) Born and Raised

Will Smith was born on September 25th, 1968 in West Philadelphia. Just like in the sitcom “Prince of Bel Air”, which made him a world star.

9) The hit

In 1991, Jeff and Will won a Grammy Award for their song "Summertime". They were the first rappers to win this award. The song also made it to number 4 on the Billboard Top 100 and was on radios all over the place at the time.

10) stay clean

Most rappers make music about violence, drugs and money. Jeff and Will, on the other hand, rapped about positive things. One of her most successful singles was “Parents Don't Understand.”.

11) Start at a young age

He started rapping at home and at school when he was 12 years old. His sister described him as goofy while he fooled around to entertain everyone.

12) siblings

Will Smith has 3 siblings. Pam, Ellen and Harry

13) Talking out smoothly

In high school, everyone called him "The Prince" because he was so easy to talk his way out of the teachers after he messed around. This saved him a lot of trouble!

14) Part time job

As a teenager, Will worked in his father's company helping to install refrigerators in customers' homes.

15) Cultural diversity

When asked about the environment in which he grew up, Will Smith said he had the best of both worlds. Over 90% of the children in the private and Catholic schools he attended were white. He had Jewish and Muslim neighbors, and spent a lot of time in the Baptist community, which is mostly Afro-American. According to his own statements, he owes his keen sense of humor to this cultural diversity in his childhood and youth.

16) His dream

Will Smith told his parents about his dream of becoming a rapper. They were totally against it at first and wanted him to go to college. They thought it was the only way for him to make something of himself! After several conversations, they gave him a year to make it as a rapper!

17) In every living room

Will was offered to get his own TV show, The Prince of Bel Air. His buddy Jeff also got a role on the show. “The Prince of Bel Air” was very successful. Six seasons were shot and a total of 148 episodes were broadcast. Each of these episodes had more than 10 million viewers.

18) Young and Rich

Will Smith became a millionaire before he was 20. During his later career he became one of the top earners in Hollywood. His net worth is estimated at around $ 260 million.

19) Fighting Aliens

In 1996, Will Smith starred in the movie Independence Day. The film grossed a huge amount of cash in the box office, which for him meant that he will be an actor for the rest of his life.

20) Men in Black

Will Smith recorded the theme song for the movie "Men in Black". The film also became a box office hit and cult film.

21) The second chance

In 1997, Will married for the second time. He married his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The two have two children together, Jaden and Willow. By the way, the two first met on the set of “The Prince of Bel Air”, where Jada applied for the role of girlfriend. She didn't get the role and there are years between the audition and the wedding.

22) Na na na na na na na

Despite his success as an actor, Will Smith continued to make music and even won a second Grammy Award in 1999 for the song "Getting’ Jiggy Wit It ".

23) red or blue pill?

The makers of the trilogy “Matrix” made Will Smith the offer to play the lead role of the chosen one “Neo”. However, he declined because he did not understand the concept of the film. He said, "I would have totally screwed up the movie." Years later, a fan decided to film a trailer of Will Smith as Neo. This trailer can be found on YouTube.

24) world record

An actor's life can be quite stressful. Especially when it comes to appearing at press events for a new film. In 2005, he visited England for the press tour for the film "Hancock". In the end, he won a Guiness World Record for the most visits within 12 hours.

25) The fighter

His role as “Muhammad Ali” in the film biography “Ali” earned him his first Oscar nomination. Critics even went so far as to say it felt like Will was “Muhammad Ali”.

26) Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The roles of Mr. and Mrs. Smith were almost played by Will Smith and Catherine Zeta Jones. Fortunately, it didn't get that far, because otherwise Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would not have met and fallen in love.

27) The American Dream

In 2006, he played the lead role in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. His son in the film was played by his real son, Jayden Smith. He also owed this film his second Oscar nomination.

28) hit streak

Most actors “flop” from time to time. But not Will Smith. He has a record of 8 films in a row that hit the $ 100 box office.

29) I Am Legend

Although he was not nominated for an Oscar for the film "I Am Legend," the film grossed a whopping $ 585 million.

30) Creative Learning

Will Smith is against traditional learning because he thinks there are infinite ways to learn a thing.

31) The catchphrase

If you pay attention, you can tell how Will Smith used the phrase “Aw, hell no!” In almost all of his films. to be built in.

32) The Rumor Mill

In the sitcom “The Prince of Bel Air” there is a scene in which Will Smith tells Uncle Phil about his father and breaks down in tears. Rumors were circulating on the internet that the scene was not played and Will was talking about his real father. That wasn't true, Will only played the scene so well and authentically that many thought so.

33) Inherited Talent

Will Smith's two younger children, Jaden and Willow, are also involved in entertainment and are quite successful. The two model for big brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Jaden is also an actor.

34) Inherited Talent II

Will’s daughter, Willow Smith, has a song called “Whip My Hair”. He even helped her fine-tune the song and video production. The song became successful and hit the radio.

35) Ni Hao

In 2010, the Smith family stayed in Shanghai, China for 3 months. They stayed there because of the movie “Karate Kid” in which Jaden played the lead role.

36) Django Unchained

Will Smith almost played in the movie “Django Unchained”. Nonetheless, he decided against it. He didn't like the script because he felt like the character he was supposed to be playing wasn't the main role. However, he later said that he liked the film very much.

37) Will as president

In the US, it's not uncommon for celebrities to go into politics. Will Smith once said, "If it was something that I really got into, I see no reason not even to become the President of the United States."

38) The Obama movie

There is no film version of Obama's biography yet, but it is clear that Obama’s choice fell on Will Smith!

39) Broadway

Together with Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay-Z he co-produced the musical “Fela!”. The Broadway production was nominated for 11 Tony Awards in 2010.

40) Children love him

He holds the record for most Kids Choice Awards won. In total he won it 6 times!

41) Intelligence Beast

Although Will never went to college, Will Smith is very intelligent. He is fluent in Spanish and loves to play chess.

42) Batman

He and his wife both played characters from Batman. Jada starred in the 2014 show “Gotham” and Will starred “Deadshot” in the movie “Suicide Squad !.

43) Cannes

In 2017, he was part of the jury at the infamous Cannes Film Festival. This is a very great honor in the film community.

44) Drama on the set

In “Prince of Bel Air”, Will had a very warm relationship with Aunt Vivian. Most fans don't even know that Aunt Vivian's actress was not liked by most of those involved in the series. She was even fired later at Will’s request.

45) Fear of Water

Although Will owns several luxury homes in Los Angeles and Miami that have pools, he cannot swim. He himself said: "There aren't many swimming pools in downtown Philadelphoa, so I've never learned how to swim and I'm embarrassed about it."

46) Tax Debt

After his tax debts in the early 1990s, the tax office snatched around 70% of every fee from Will Smith until the tax debts were paid off.

47) script

When he first started acting, Will Smith learned some entire scripts by heart. For example, in older episodes of “Prince of Bel Air” you can see how he mouthed other people's text while they were speaking.

48) His real name

Alfonso Ribeiro ("Carlton") gave Will Smith the tip to name the role he plays in "The Prince of Bel Air" after his real name. He justified this by saying that people should address him by his real name if the show becomes a success.

49) The handshake


The famous handshake between Will and Jazz was created by a background dancer of the two during their music tour.

50) mice


Will Smith has a tragic fear of mice. He once said: "I am brave and strong for my children, but if a mouse appears, Jada has to take care of it."

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