How bad are your nights

Going through the night: how dangerous is lack of sleep for the brain and body?

"Sleep is the most beautiful state of our life!", Says the book "Sleep works wonderfully" by sleep researcher Hans-Günter Weeß (Verlag Droemer, 336 pages, 16.99 euros). But even though it is so beautiful and relaxing, sleep is not particularly valued in society. Many live according to the motto "What makes working through a night?" The expert warns, however, that the lack of sleep is not harmless, because the psyche, the ability to react and the memory can suffer after just one night without sleep.

Man can compensate for a sleepless night, but ...

"The human organism is very flexible and basically able to compensate for a sleepless night without permanent damage," says sleep researcher Weeß. After all, in the distant past, people had to forego sleep every now and then to protect themselves from dangers Free ticket for night shifts without a restful sleep? There are no long-term consequences to fear with just one sleepless night, but the lack of sleep quickly becomes noticeable differently.

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Insomnia negatively affects memory

"Sleep is incredibly important for memory processes, because important information is separated from less important information during sleep," emphasizes Weeß. Pupils and students should definitely bear this in mind before they postpone their learning units to the last day before the exam : If the brain cannot process information properly, not a lot of learning material will get stuck in. That means: it is better to pick it up early and create a meaningful learning plan.

Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß is a psychological psychotherapist, sleep researcher and author ("Sleep works wonders. Everything about the most important third of our lives"). He heads the sleep medicine department of the Palatinate Clinic in Klingenmünster and teaches at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Since 2008 he has been a board member of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine. Source: private

Night without sleep is similar to being drunk - danger in traffic

Headaches and difficulty concentrating are probably known to everyone who has had to get through the day with little or no sleep. A lack of sleep has a similar effect on the body as alcohol, says the sleep expert: “If you are awake for 17 to 18 hours at a time, your ability to react is reduced on average as if you had an alcohol level of 0.5 per mille in your blood. At 22 hours it is already 1.0 per mille. ”In such a state, it can therefore be really dangerous to be on the road in traffic.

Increase due to lack of sleep: secretion of growth hormone inhibited

“During a sleepless night, the growth hormone somatropin is not completely released. Cell division and new cell formation cannot take place, physical recovery is restricted, "says Weeß. The hormone is particularly important for children because it is responsible for their growth and development Deficiency in growth hormone muscle and fat built up. This is not only bad for the figure, but can also lead to cardiovascular problems, because the sugar metabolism is negatively affected by weight gain.

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The immune system is weakened during a sleepless night