Do people ever break the tenth commandment

Jews have 613 rules of life. They are called mitzvot. According to tradition, God gave them to Moses on Mount Sinai. The Ten Commandments are particularly important to the Jews. In Greek they are called the Decalogue. Literally translated it means "the ten words". They say in short form:

You will ...

1. ... recognize God as Lord and Deliverer from Egypt
2. ... only believe in one god and not imagine what he looks like
3. ... honor God's name
4. ... rest on Shabbat and celebrate it
5. Honor your parents
6. ... don't murder
7. ... do not commit adultery
8. ... don't steal
9. ... don't say wrong things about others
10. ... don't envy anyone.

These commandments do not only describe how to deal with God. They also provide information about morality. They explain to people what is good and right and what is bad and wrong when dealing with one another. With these commandments, Judaism has shaped the entire human civilization, because they apply as they are or in a modified form in many countries and also in other religions.

The Christians have also adopted the Ten Commandments as basic rules for interpersonal behavior, because their beliefs arose from Judaism and is based on the same Bible.
Rabbi Hillel names the most important commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself. (Lev. 19:18) In this commandment, according to his teaching, all commandments and the entire Torah are summarized.

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