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  • Salary:
    Salary in the private sector: Are there technical arguments with which the employer can be convinced to raise the salary?
    Salary in the public service / as a civil servant: Is the job classified at the correct level? Does the employer know the marital status and number of children and is the local allowance calculated correctly?
  • Asset-forming benefits (VL):
    If I let the employer VL z. B. on a home loan and savings contract and Transfer a fund savings contract in order for both to get the maximum state "employee savings allowance"? (More information ...)
    Even if the employer pays little or no VL, at my request he has to pay the Transfer VL up to the full amount from my net salary to the relevant accounts. Does my spouse also use his / her VL?
  • Child benefit:
    Do I get child benefit for all children? Can i for Children over 18 with income continue to receive KG?
    Did I also apply for child benefit between the children's training phases? Likewise between FSJ / military service / federal voluntary service and training phases? Or during the voluntary social year (FSJ / FÖJ)?
    Children with disabilities who are unable to take care of themselves can continue to apply for child benefit without an age limit.
    You can also apply for child benefit retrospectively for the current year and the 4 years before. (more ...)
  • BAföG:
    Did I or did my child apply for BAföG? (more ...)
  • Riester pension:
    Especially if you have children, you should definitely find out about the Riester pension! I keep the variant with fund savings, as z. B. the Volksbank offers, for an investment with far above average returns. This is especially true for parents with 2 or more children
    Anyone who receives child benefit can receive the state child allowance for the Riester pension. The own amount that then still has to be paid in for this type of pension is reduced accordingly. To receive this allowance, you must have received child benefit for at least one month in the calendar year for the respective child. (more ...)
    Important: At the end of the calendar year, you not only have to fill out the appendix AV or, from 2009, the appendix pension expenses for income tax, but also the application for allowances for the Riester provider !! The latter is forgotten by around 30% of all Reister users. To make your work easier, you can also fill out a "permanent allowance application".
  • Tax declaration:
    Do I make an income tax return on a regular basis? Anyone who does not file a tax return is giving the state money. (more ...)
    Do I collect all receipts for expenses that can be deducted from the tax (e.g. income-related expenses, insurance, extraordinary charges)?
    If the original receipts are required for other purposes (e.g. health insurance), copies are made for the tax office.
    Do you also write down all associated kilometers?
    Those who regularly and properly collect and list such receipts save money because nothing is lost and saves time. The usual search is no longer necessary.
  • Tax brackets:
    Have the tax brackets been sensibly chosen for me and my spouse?
  • Allowances:
    Have the tax authorities entered the appropriate exemptions for your electronic wage tax deduction features (ELStAM)? (more ...) Anyone who does not allow any allowances or allowances that are too low gives the tax office an interest-free loan until the income tax return.
  • Exemption orders:
    Do I get taxes and solidarity surcharge deducted from my investment income (interest, dividends, ...), or have I issued suitable exemption requests? (more ...) Do I get too much tax deducted here with my tax return? (more ...)
  • Building savings:
    Do I also pay enough money into a home loan and savings contract to receive the full Housing premium to get? Even the smallest possible home loan and savings contract is enough to receive this premium. (more ...)
  • Interest:
    Do I save my money in a savings account or current account, or do I get it higher interest rates in a call money account or a fixed-term deposit account?
  • Health insurance:
    Do I collect all health expense receipts? I can state a lot of these as extraordinary burdens in my tax return. Some costs are reimbursed by the health insurance, e.g. B .:
    • Medical treatment abroad (e.g. on vacation)
    • Orthodontic treatment costs (braces). The costs will be reimbursed upon successful completion.
    • Co-payments and practice fees that are above the co-payment limit (more ...)
  • Inheritance tax:
    Do I know what inheritance tax has to be paid if I inherit or if I inherit something? There is hardly a tax that can be avoided as easily and legally as this one. (more ...)
  • Vouchers, checks, D-Mark:

    Are there any unredeemed vouchers or checks in my household or do I have D-Mark amounts that have not yet been exchanged? This allows you to relieve or refill the cash register for Christmas shopping.

  • Turn of the year:

    Many things have to be done before the turn of the year to get government funding or to avoid losing money. Here is a checklist.

  • Cheap shopping:

    Many things can cheaper on the internet can be bought as in a store and usually is Used always cheaper than new. At Printer cartridges can e.g. For example, a refill can be much cheaper than buying a new cartridge.

  • etc ...