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Paraglider landed in treetop

Due to wind turbulence, the 32-year-old local's umbrella collapsed on one side and it spiraled. According to his information, he then pulled the emergency parachute 50 to 60 meters above the forest.

The man landed in the top of a tree and hung on the ropes about 20 meters above the ground. He had to call for help as he couldn't free himself. Mountain rescuers were then flown to the site by helicopter, while others reached the site, which was difficult to access, on foot. The emergency services recovered the man who was unharmed. When asked why he flew against the recommendation of the country, he said, according to the police, that he had been home for several days and wanted to make a quick flight in this dreamy weather. He said the situation was visibly embarrassing.

Second use a little later

A short time later, the Mayrhofen Mountain Rescue Service was called to a second leisure accident. An e-biker wanted to cool off in a pool and injured his foot in the process. It too had to be rescued by the emergency services at great expense.

Risk sports not recommended

The country released outdoor sports this week after three weeks of quarantine, but had repeatedly insisted on personal responsibility. Risk sports should still be avoided. The rescue workers are urgently needed for the corona crisis - more on this in jogging and cycling allowed since today and appeal from the mountain rescue and Alpine Association.