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Appointments system of the Federal Foreign Office - Manila

Welcome to the appointment system of the German Embassy in Manila!

National visas for stays of more than 90 days (with the exception of nurses) must be applied for in person at the embassy.

Applications for Schengen visas and national visas for employment as a nurse must be submitted personally to our external service provider VFS Global, see Only if the future employer of the caregiver has applied for the accelerated skilled worker procedure under Section 81a of the Residence Act at the immigration authorities, the application must be submitted in person to the embassy.

Please only apply for an appointment when you have all the documents required for the application. If an application is submitted without all of the necessary documents, the applicant is recommended to withdraw the application or to sign a declaration indicating that the application documents are incomplete and that the application can therefore be rejected without giving a deadline for submitting additional documents is granted.

Please note that appointments can only be made if a valid email address is entered! The appointment confirmation will be sent to the email address mentioned.

Please make sure you choose the right visa category for your appointment!

If you cannot keep your appointment, you are responsible to cancel it immediately (at least 2 days in advance). If you fail to do this, you will not be able to book any further appointments!


To book an appointment, please click on "Next"

Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy in Manila!

On the website you will find detailed information on applying for a German passport, in particular on the documents that you should bring with you to the appointment at the passport office. Please read this information carefully before making an appointment to apply for your passport. Only complete applications can be accepted.


Dates for:

  • Birth announcements / name declarations WITHOUT simultaneous passport application
  • Applications for entry in the marriage register
  • Applications for the issuance of a marriage certificate