What were Caligula's last words

Imperial death and last words

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Copied from somewhere, I hope not from the forum, because I don't want to repeat anything. The search function yielded 1589 hits across the board, so it was too difficult for me to check everything.

Caracalla 217 Was murdered while relieving himself behind a bush

Carinus 285 was murdered by a betrayed husband

Carus 283 was struck by lightning, but the lightning strike was probably a spear from his Praetorian chief Aper or from Diocletian himself!

Claudius I 54 AD died of poisoned mushrooms

Claudius Gothicus 270 died of the plague

Commodus 192 was strangled

Constantius II (possibly malaria?) 361 died of a fever that was so high that
no one could touch him.

Diocletian 305 was sentenced to death by starvation

Galerius 311 died of testicular cancer

Alexander Severus, along with his mother Julia Mamaea 235, was in the
Murdered his mother's poor

Gordian I Africanus 238 strangled himself with a belt

Jovian 364 was suffocated by smoke from a coal fire

Julian II Apostate 363 died of a spear wound

Marcus Aurelius 180 covered his head with a blanket and died

Antoninus Pius: He turned to the wall and died!

Maxentius, 312, drowned when the Milvian Bridge collapsed.

Petronius Maximus 455 was lynched by the mob while trying to flee Rome

Numerian 284 # 17 died in a traveling cart and wasn't discovered until days later,
because it stank so much.

Probus 282 was murdered by his soldiers because he assigned them to civilian labor.

Tiberius 37 was suffocated with a towel

By the way, there are rumors that Augustus died of poisoned figs!

Titus 81 died in a box of ice and snow

Theodosius II 450 died after a serious fall from his horse

Valens, during or after the crushing defeat at the Battle of
Adrianopolis 378 (this is reported by Ammianus Marcellinus) was in one
Burned house

Valentinian I, while negotiating with the Quaden 375, died of a stroke caused by a rage during a negotiation

Valentinian II in 392 was strangled and then hung to fake suicide.

Last words:

Didius Julianus 193, the senator who won the world empire at auction after the death of Commodus:

What bad have i done? Who did I kill?

Vitellius 69:

And yet I am your emperor!

Galba 69:

Push when it's good for Rome!

Septimius Severus 193-211:

I was everything and it didn't help!

Geta 212:

Mother help me! I am being murdered!

Julian II Apostate:

You won, Galileans!

Caligula (Suetonius, Caligula, chap. 58):

I'm still alive, strike again!

2. Vespasian:

Oh i think i'm going to be a god!

Nero (Suetonius, Nero, chap. 49):

That's what I call loyalty!

Agrippina minor:

Hit my body!


Did I play my part well? Then applaud because the comedy is over!

Galba (Suetonius, Galba, chap. 20):

What are you doing, friends? I am one of you and you are like me!

not sure: Trajan? :

Think of our marriage and goodbye!


You too, my son?

And some other, but not final, words:

Titus (Suetonius, Titus, chap. 8):

I wasted a day!

Caligula (Suetonius, Caligula, chap. 30):

If only the Roman people only had a neck!


It doesn't smell!

Poet Tacitus (?):

They created a desert and they call it peace.

We used to suffer from crimes, today we suffered from laws.


The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts.

do ut des.