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How to find your calling. You are unique!

Do you want to change your professional situation? Do you want to get out of the hamster wheel? Do you want to get away from your "disgusting boss"? Do you finally want to find your calling and a job that really suits you? Then you will have to leave your comfort zone ...

Change or new situations usually mean taking one or more steps out of the comfort zone. If people are forced to leave their usual comfort zone, e.g. to take on a new area of ​​responsibility, to change location or to work with other - initially strangers - colleagues, fears often arise that can be an obstacle to the further path.

These fears are often irrational and often unfounded. Nevertheless, an inner voice warns of a risk, a danger and puts you on the alert. With some people it goes so far that they literally 'freeze' and are no longer capable of any actions or decisions.

Personal or professional development is only possible outside of your comfort zone. If you want to develop yourself further, you need to expand and exceed your known limits.

Your comfort zone

Think of your life as an area with different zones with you in the middle. There is the area around you that is very familiar to you. Here you normally have nothing to fear and you know what you can do and are able to assess the consequences of your actions. This is yoursComfort zone. The comfort zone is the daily living and working area that you know well and in which you can move safely.

There are daily routines or habits, a familiar environment and, accordingly, familiar people. You are aware of your strengths and abilities. You seem to be in control of (almost) everything and can confidently face various situations within this comfortable radius.

Acting in the comfort zone usually makes you appear confident. You behave confidently and routinely. You will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Your comfort zone is so dangerous for you because ...

  • ... it keeps you small!
  • ... it keeps you from developing!
  • ... it ensures that you do not learn anything new!
  • ... it prevents you from taking risks!
  • ... it prevents you from getting up!
  • ... it makes you lazy and comfortable
  • ... she controls your inner voice!
  • ... she is good friends with the weaker self!


If you want to develop yourself, go new ways or change your life, you have no choice but to leave or expand your comfort zone.

The closer you get to the limits of your comfort zone, the greater the uncertainty. At these limits, you don't yet know for sure whether you really have the skills you need. You also do not know how you will be judged by other people and whether you will be able to cope with new situations successfully. The excitement rises because you don't know exactly what to expect. This is where everything you don't really know and where you lack experience lies in. This is YourLearning zone. In order to be able to cope with these new situations, you will be challenged more and courage and overcoming will be required of you. Your adrenaline level rises and the stress factor becomes higher. These are clear signs that you are leaving your comfort zone.

In other words, you are on the cusp of new experiences when you are ready to move on. You have the chance to learn and develop further. In this sense, learning is expanding and growing beyond the comfort zone. In the Learning zone - outside of your comfort zone - you are much more productive and can achieve the best results. It is an illusion to believe that personal growth is possible within the comfort zone.

This not only increases your comfort zone, but also increases your skills. Embark on the adventure of experiencing and learning new things, go ahead courageously and face new tasks, new projects, and new opportunities as curiously as a child.

Only in this way can you learn and develop. Do not stand still, but boldly take a new path. Take action even if you are afraid. It pays to leave the limits of the comfort zone. Take on challenges, the consequences of which you cannot assess at first, but in which you will become more and more confident through constant practice. Your actions will become more and more secure as you gain routine and you will become more and more familiar in the still unfamiliar environment.

To expand your comfort zone, you need to first identify what you can't and then decide if you want to learn. You have the choice - in the sense of your personal growth - actively the way out of the comfort zone into the Learning zone to go. From the perspective of what seems familiar and safe to you, you consciously enter into situations that are new and unfamiliar to you.

You will ideally experience mental health and healthy development in a balanced relationship between activities within the comfort zone and the Learning zone. With each new experience that you are outside of your comfort zone - and therefore within the Learning zone make, widen your comfort zone a little.

Have lots of fun with it. I look forward to your reports on how you left your comfort zone - and how you fared.