Macrophobia is the fear of what


A Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or bathing. Achluophobia: Fear of the dark (lygophobia, nyctophobia) Aerophobia: Fear of drafts, breathing in air or toxic substances in the air
Aeronausiphobia: Fear of air sicknessAgateophobia: Fear of insanityAgliophobia: Fear of pain (algophobia, knidophobia, odynophobia, ponophobia) Agoraphobia: fear of open spaces or of being in populated environments such as markets. Also fear of leaving a safe place Agroophobia: Fear of sexual abuse Agroophobia: Fear of wild animals Agyrophobia: Fear of streets or crossing roads (Dromophobia) Aichmophobia: Fear of needles or sharp objects (Belonephobia, Enetophobia: Fear of Catophobia or Elurophobia: Fear of Catophobia or Elurophobia Acarophobia: Fear of itching or insects that cause itching Acerophobia: Fear of curmudgeon Acrophobia: Fear of heights (hypsiphobia) Acousticophobia: Fear of noise Albuminurophobia: Fear of kidney disease of garlicAllodoxaphobia: Fear of opinionsAmathophobia: Fear of dust (coniophobia) Amaxophobia: Fear of drivingAmbulophobia: Fear of walking Amnesiphobia: Fear of amnesiaAmychophobia: Fear of scratching or being scratched Anablephobia: Fear of looking up at Fear of windAndrophobia: Fear of peopleAnemophobia: Fear of drafts or windAnginophobia: Fear of angina, cough or constrictionsAnglophobia: Fear of England, English culture etc.Angrophobia: Fear of anger or of getting angryAnkylophobia: Fear of immobility of the jointsAnthrophobia: Fear of immobility of the joints Fear of flowersAnthropophobia: Fear of people or societyAntlophobia: Fear of flooding Anupaphobia: Fear of being left aloneApeirophobia: Fear of infinityAphenphosmphobia: Fear of being touched (haphephobia) Apiphobia: Fear of beesApotemnophobic Arachnephobia or arachnophobia: Fear of spidersArithmophobia: Fear of numbersArrhenphobia: Fear of menArsonphobia: Fear of fireAsthenophobia: Fear of passing out or faintingAstraphobia or astrapophobia: Fear of thunderstorms bie, keraunophobia, tonitrophobia) astrophobia: fear of the stars and the universe Asymmetriphobia: fear of asymmetrically shaped objectsAtaxophobia: fear of disorder or unclean surroundingsAtelophobia: fear of incompletenessAtephobia: fear of ruin or ruinAthazagoraphobia: fear of being forgotten or forgotten Or forget something yourselfAtomosophobia: Fear of atomic explosionsAtychiphobia: Fear of failureAulophobia: Fear of flutesAurophobia: Fear of goldAuroraphobia: Fear of the Northern LightsAutodysomophobia: Fear of people with unpleasant smells, fake toys, what arouses the fear of mechanical ventriloquists being a sentient beingAutomysophobia: Fear of being dirtyAutophobia: Fear of being alone or of yourselfAviophobia or aviatophobia: Fear of flyingBacillophobia: Fear of microbes (microphobia) Bacteriophobia: Fear of bacteria Ballistophobia: Fear of rockets or bulletsBasophobia or basiphobia: Fear of walking or fallingBathophobia: Fear of depthsBatophobia: Fear of mountains or the proximity of tall buildingsBatrachophobia: Fear of amphibiansBelonephobia: Fear of needles (aichmophobia and enetophobia) Bibliophobia: Fear of Schleim booksBlennophobia: Fear of sloppy books ) Bogyphobia: Fear of spooky and horror characters Botanophobia: Fear of plants Bromidrosiphobia or bromidrophobia: Fear of body odors Brontophobia: Fear of lightning and thunder (astraphobia, Keraunophobia, Tonitrophobia) Bufonophobia, Fear of toads Cheimophobia, Fryophobia: Fear of toads Chemophobia: Fear of chemicals or working with chemicalsCherophobia: Fear of joyChionophobia: Fear of snowChiraptophobia: Fear of being touchedChirophobia: Fear of handsCholerophobia: Fear of anger or fear of choleraChorophobia: Fear of dancingChrometophobia or Chrematophobia: Fear of moneyChromophobia or Chromatophobia: Fear of colorsChronophobia: Fear of timeCibophobia, Sitophobia or Sitiophobia: Fear of foodCounterphobia: The preference of phobics for terrible situationsCyberphobia: Fear of computer conversationsCycloophobia: Fear of table talk or disquiet Fear of mental illnessDemonophobia or demonophobia: Fear of demonsDemophobia: Fear of crowded places (agoraphobia) Dendrophobia: Fear of treesDermatophobia: Fear of skin injuriesDermatosiophobia, dermatophobia, or dermatophobia, or dermatopathophobia: Fear of objects in the body's disease: Dextrophobia: Fear of skin diseases on the side of it Going to schoolDikephobia: fear of justiceDinophobia: fear of dizziness or hot tubsDiplophobia: fear of seeing things twiceDipsophobia: fear of drinkingDishabiliop hobie: fear of being naked around someone else Domatophobia or oicophobia: fear of houses or of being in houses Doxophobia: fear of expressing opinions or of being praised by others Dromophobia: fear of crossing streets (agyrophobia) dystophobia : Church anxiety Ecophobia: Fear of home Ice optrophobia: Fear of mirrors or of seeing yourself in them (catoptrophobia) Electrophobia: Fear of electricityEleutherophobia: Fear of freedomEmetophobia: Fear of throwing upEnetophobia: Fear of needles or enosophobia (enosophobia) of having committed an unforgivable sin Entomophobia: Fear of insects (Insectophobia) Eosophobia: Fear of the twilightEphebiphobia: Fear of teenagersEpistaxiophobia: Fear of nosebleedEpistemophobia: Fear of knowledgeEremgasophobia: Fear of loneliness: fear of obsessionErrophobia: Fear of loneliness of working or “functioning” and a surgeon's fear of the operation Ergophobia: Fear of workErotophobia: Fear of sexualityEurotophobia: Fear of female genitaliaErythrophobia, erytophobia or ereuthophobia: Fear of red light or of blushingFFebriphobia: Fear of fibrobiphobia or fibophobia Fear of cats (ailurophobia, galeophobia) Francophobia: fear of France, French culture etc. (gallophobia) Frigophobia: fear of cold (cheimaphobia, cryophobia, pagophobia, psychrophobia) Ggalophobia or gatophobia: fear of cats (ailurophobia or), felinophobia : Fear of France, French culture etc. (Francophobia) Gamophobia: Fear of marriageGeliophobia: Fear of laughingGeniophobia: Fear of chinsGenophobia: Fear of sexualityGenophobia: Fear of kneesPephyrophobia, gephydrophobia or Gephysrophobia: Fear of crossing bridges, GermanophobiaGerman culture etc. (Teutophobia) Gerascophobia: Fear of getting oldGerontophobia: Fear of old people or getting oldGlossophobia: Fear of speaking in publicGnosiophobia: Fear of knowledgeGraphophobia: Fear of writingGymnophobia: Fear of nudityGynephobia or Gynophobia: Fear of nudity Before HellHagiophobia: Fear of saintsHamartophobia: Fear of sinningHaphephobia or Haptephobia: Fear of being touchedHarpaxophobia: Fear of being attackedHedonophobia: Fear of feeling goodHeliophobia: Fear of the sun: Fear of the SunHellenologophobia: Fear of Greek terms complex or scientific terminology being afflicted by worms (scoleciphobia) Hemophobia, hemaphobia or hematophobia: fear of blood Heresyphobia or hereiophobia: fear of official doctrines or the radical deviation from them Herpetophobia: fear of reptiles or other crawling ones EssenceHeterophobia: Fear of the opposite sex (sexophobia) Hierophobia: Fear of priests or holy objectsHippophobia: Fear of horsesHippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words (sesquipedalophobia) Homichlophobia: Fear of fog (fear of fog (Nebulaphobia) Hominophobia: Fear of men of homosexualityHoplophobia: fear of firearmsHormephobia: fear of shock