What is the Latin word for integrity

Values ​​antonym:Empathy

Honesty, honesty, righteousness, sincerity, incorruptibility, genuineness, trustworthiness, decency, honesty

Similar:Correctness, correctness, order, security, justice, reliability, flawlessness, integrity, integrity

English: integrity

The word integrity comes from the Latin “integritās” (around 1800) and means “intact, intact, complete”; also from "integrare", which means "restore, adjust or refresh [spiritually]"; see also "integrate" = "complement, complete, join together, integrate into a larger whole" (18th century)

Integrity is the conformity of personal values ​​(personal value system) with one's own thoughts and actions.

Meanings according to WDictionary (DWDS, January 22, 2019):

1. Wholeness, completeness, integrity (political, territorial)

2. Integrity, righteousness, blamelessness (human)

Human integrity ensures the compatibility of personal values ​​with one's own thought and action patterns. The range of these values ​​often depends on a person's political, religious, or humanitarian views.

A person of integrity is fully aware that he not only thinks but also lives his own standards, values ​​and convictions. Thus, a life of integrity is characterized by honesty and sincerity. This includes not disguising yourself (in front of yourself and in front of others) or playing something else.

Things like trust, honesty, success in life, politics and society depend on integrity.

This represents a challenge for many, as there are no corresponding role models - especially in education, in the personal environment, in politics and especially within companies (models, brands, corporate cultures).

More information on the term and topic in the following publications:

"Success is the end of integrity."

Ludwig von Eimannsberger (* 1967)

"Integrity without knowledge is worthless, knowledge without integrity is dangerous and terrible."

"There can be no friendship without trust and no trust without integrity."

Samuel Johnson (1709 to 1784), English scholar, lexicographer, writer, poet, and critic

"Include in your present choice the future integrity of man as a co-object of your will."

Hans Jonas (1903-1993); from "The Responsibility Principle: Attempting Ethics for Technological Civilization (1984)", p. 36

So what is integrity really and what good is it to us?

Published on April 13th, 2015 by the YouTube channel "Holger Eckstein"

A lecture by Holger Eckstein. Here is an excerpt: "Integrity is - packed in a single sentence - simple: the courage to stand by what is the way it is. Integrity is truth. Integrity is honesty. Integrity is having the strength to stand in a situation, even if it is uncomfortable to face and still decide to tell the truth and trust yourself to be able to deal with whatever reactions may then come from others, because it is even more important to you, true to be so that it always feels comfortable. That is a fundamental decision in life. "

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Author: Frank H. Sauer