How do I rent music

Schott Music

The famous yellow scores and parts from Schott are made available on loan to orchestras and opera houses around the world. To make a rental request, please use our partner portal In just a few steps you can send us a detailed request. On every loaner entry on the Schott website you will find an order link to the corresponding material order page on Zinfonia.

You can also send us orders with a German billing address by email. Please fill out the following order form as completely as possible and send it to [email protected] We will then contact you with an offer for material rental. For a speedy processing, we would like to ask you to fill out the form at the end of this page electronically and send it.

We can also offer some of the works from our catalogs as digital performance material for the Newzik platform. Please do not hesitate to ask us whether the work you require is available in a Newzik-compatible form.

Partner publishers and performing rights

Schott Music represents many publishers from all over the world in Germany. This means that you can borrow many works from the represented publishers through us, provided that the invoice recipient for the material delivery is in Germany. Schott Music is also represented around the world by various partners. A list of the agencies can be found here.

In addition to the sheet music (purchase or rental material), it is necessary to have the performance rights granted to you for the performance of works protected by copyright:

  • At Performances of works of minor law (e.g. chamber music, symphonies, solo concerts, etc.) the responsible collecting society - for Germany about GEMA - grants the rights.
  • Performances of works of great law (e.g. stage works, operas, ballets) are licensed directly through Schott Music. Please contact Ms. Krichbaum ([email protected]) with the most detailed information possible about your production.

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