Will there be a suicide squad 2?

DC Extended Universe: Suicide Squad 2: theatrical release, actors, FSK, trailer

Suicide Squad 2 (German "Suicide Command") is an American action film. It is based on the antihero team "Suicide Squad" from the comic book publisher DC Comics and is the eleventh film in the DC Extended Universe. "Suicide Squad 2" is the second real-life version about the team.

Director James Gunn ("Guardians of the Galaxy") promised at the DC FanDome that "Suicide Squad 2" would be different from any superhero film ever made. Even producer Peter Safran doesn't save with full-bodied announcements: The film is "completely unique".

Here you can find out everything about the theatrical release and the cast. What about the FSK? At the end you will find a trailer.

"Suicide Squad 2": When does it hit theaters?

The US theatrical release has been announced for August 6, 2021. The film is due to open in German cinemas a day earlier.

Cast: Which actors are part of the cast of "Suicide Squad 2"?

  • Margot Robbie: Harley Quinn
  • Viola Davis: Amanda Waller
  • Joel Kinnaman: Col. Rick Flag
  • Jai Courtney: George "Digger" Harkness / Captain Boomerang
  • John Cena: Peacemaker
  • David Dastmalchian: Polka-Dot Man
  • Steve Agee: King Shark
  • Daniela Melchior: Ratcatcher 2
  • Idris Elba: Bloodsport
  • Michael Rooker: Savant
  • Nathan Fillion: T.D.K.
  • Sean Gunn: Weasel
  • Pete Davidson: Blackguard
  • Peter Capaldi: Thinker
  • Alice Braga: Sol Soria
  • Juan Diego Botto: Presidente General Silvio Luna
  • Joaquín Cosío: Mayor General Mateo Suarez
  • Flula Borg: Javelin

The staff is composed as follows:

  • Directed by James Gunn
  • Script: James Gunn
  • Production: Charles Roven, Peter Safran
  • Camera: Henry Braham
  • Editing: Fred Raskin

"Suicide Squad 2": What is the age rating of the FSK?

The FSK's verdict is not yet known. As soon as we know more, you will find out here.

Trailer for "Suicide Squad 2"

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