How do I increase my ability to concentrate

Increase concentration with these 22 tips

Whether in the office, during a workout or in your free time. Without concentration, no performance. In this article you will find out how you can increase your concentration and give 110% in everything you do.

What is concentration?

Concentration is yours mental statein which you concentrate fully on a single activity focus. In this way you can achieve maximum mental and physical performance. The better you have learned to concentrate, the easier it will be for you Simply hide disruptive factors. Have you ever been in a situation in which you were so busy with something that you no longer noticed anything around you? Then you were 100% focused at that point.

How focused you work always has something to do with your physical and mental condition. Are you well rested? Have you eaten enough Did you train really hard last night? Or are there other things that bother you?

But the type of activity also has a strong influence on your concentration. If the tasks that are set for you are too easy, you may feel underchallenged and therefore demotivated. The result: you are not performing to your full potential because your brain is not being sufficiently activated. However, if the task is so difficult that you feel overwhelmed, you will not be able to perform fully and your concentration will drop.

Between the areas of over- and under-demand lies an area in which your concentration is highest. Your brain is used to the right degree and can develop its optimal performance potential. You want to work in this area.

Learning to increase concentration - 22 tips

Do you think you have difficulty concentrating and have to live with it? You can learn to increase your concentration. Or do you just want to increase your mental performance by training your ability to concentrate?

No matter what you are looking for, here you will get the best tips, techniques and methods to increase your concentration.

Focus better with quick solutions

Quick fixes can improve your concentration in minutes. Here you change various little things in your environment that take away your focus.

  • Fresh air supplies your brain with oxygen.
  • The right room temperature will help you so that you neither freeze nor sweat.
  • Daylight gives your brain the signal to stay awake.
  • Screen color and brightness in the right range relaxes the eyes and helps to stay focused for longer.
  • Block out sources of noise with headphones or earplugs.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • No more multitasking.
  • Change the working environment every now and then.
  • Banning your smartphone from your workplace.
  • Work standing up.
  • Listen to concentration music.
  • Actively design breaks.
  • Short stretching exercises in between or during breaks.

Promote concentration in everyday life

In addition to the quick solutions, the following lifestyle hacks will help you to further improve your concentration. This works best by balancing your ability to concentrate and your lifestyle.

1. Healthy eating

In order for your brain to perform at its best, it needs nutrients. Just like your muscles need carbohydrates to work, so too does your brain. That doesn't mean that you should just grab some candy quickly when you don't concentrate.

This only leads to the fact that your sugar level is increased for a short time and then falls again quickly. So you are briefly awake and concentrated, but in a few minutes even less concentrated than before. You'd better eat some nuts, fruits, and berries. These let your sugar level rise slowly, but over a longer period of time. This will keep you focused longer.

Our delicious mix of nuts and berries helps you as a healthy snack between meals.

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2. Get enough sleep

Sufficient sleep helps your brain to recharge its batteries and to process everything that you have experienced during the day. Wondering how many hours of sleep do you need? It differs from person to person. In this postlearn how to find your perfect sleep length.

3. Drink enough fluids

Your body consists of almost 70% water. If you drink too little, in extreme cases your body will react with dehydration. But even before that, it can happen that you can no longer concentrate so well.

Besides water are also isotonic drinks, like for example Coconut water very good for your body. It tastes better than normal water and also contains vitamins.

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4. Planning is everything

With the right planning, you will find it easier to concentrate on your tasks. You always know what you have to do and you can roughly estimate how long you will need for a task. This makes you more productive and usually more focused.

Increase your ability to concentrate with the right exercises

Did you know that after just 20 minutes your alertness drops a lot? There are exercises that you can do to improve your concentration. But for that you need time and patience. Because the following exercises develop their full potential only with frequent use. Just like you train your muscles in the gym, you can practice concentration.

1. Paint

Painting is a simple exercise that still requires our full physical and mental attention. For example, you can color sophisticated mandalas and focus entirely on this one Focus on task.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps you to relax better and to come down quickly after a hard day at work. Regular Meditate increases your ability to concentrate significantly because you learn to direct your thoughts more consciously.

You don't know how to do that? We have published an article in which we explain how to learn to meditate.

Here you learn to meditate

3. Counting steps

Focus on your steps as you run. Sounds like an easy task. But even here you learn to focus your thoughts on one point. Used regularly, this exercise can increase your concentration.

4. Puzzles

A riddle demands the utmost concentration from you. You have to deal with it fully to find the solution. This is why puzzles are particularly suitable for improving your concentration.

5. Active relaxation techniques

In addition to meditation, there are many other active relaxation techniques and methods. They help you to calm your body and mind and to direct your thoughts in the right direction. In addition to autogenic training and the progressive muscle relaxation do we still have 14 other relaxation techniques summarized in one post for you.

Why can't you concentrate Causes and solutions

If you have poor concentration or concentration problems, you do not use your energy for your actual tasks. Concentration problems can be triggered by internal and external disruptive factors. You will now find out what these are.

External disruptive factors

Are you distracted with all sorts of things when you really need to concentrate on an important task? Spontaneously tidy up the apartment, check the smartphone again, or a spontaneous visit are probably the most common sources of interference.

1. Tidy up the apartment

Before you even start your task, make sure that everything around you is in its place. A spring cleaning does not have to be now. But tidy up in such a way that dishes or other things standing around can no longer distract you from the important task.

2. Really turn off smartphone distraction

Even if you set your smartphone to silent or flight mode, there is still a risk of distraction. As long as you focus on not using your smartphone, you are wasting energy. You could invest this energy more effectively in your tasks.

Even if you only look at your smartphone for 1 minute in between, your concentration drops considerably and costs you time afterwards. Therefore, it makes sense to remove disruptive factors so that they can no longer distract you.

For example, intentionally forget your smartphone in the car or switch it off and put it in your mailbox. So you make it a lot more cumbersome to look at it yourself.

3. Deal with spontaneous visits

Spontaneous visits from friends and relatives are nice, but also very annoying when you have something important to do. If you are too nice now and still invite visitors in, you probably won't get anything today.

Thank you for the impromptu visit, but be honest, you just don't have the time right now. Or turn off your doorbell beforehand, then you won't even notice that someone wants to visit you.

As you can see, external disturbances are relatively easy to fix. The situation is different with the internal disruptive factors. We come to that now.

Internal disruptive factors

In contrast to external disruptive factors, internal disruptive factors lie within yourself. They often have psychological and emotional causes.

1. Emotional problems

Emotional problems mostly relate to issues in your circle of friends and relatives or to your partnership. It's quite normal for these areas to take you away. Try not to put off these private problems for long. Face them as much as you can and reduce the potential for distraction.

2. Psychological stress

Do you suffer from mental stress? This can have a particularly strong effect on your ability to concentrate. Stress at work or frustrating work mean that you cannot concentrate as well.

Do you feel that you can no longer deal with it on your own? If in doubt, it is best to see a doctor who can help you.

Habitual inattention

Your lack of concentration can also have a very simple cause. Bad habit. Instead of concentrating, you just let your thoughts wander. Do regular concentration exercises to get a grip on the problem.

4. Low motivation

You may know the problem from your school days. You have to work on tasks that you don't feel like doing at all. Of course, you find it harder to concentrate on uninteresting tasks.

In this case, just try to change your perspective on the task. See a greater purpose in the task. Why does this task develop your skills? What can you take away from editing for yourself? The more meaning you see in a task, the easier it will be for you to work on it.


  • The ability to concentrate is not innate.
  • With different exercises everyone can increase their ability to concentrate.
  • Quick solutions can instantly improve your concentration.
  • The ability to concentrate is also dependent on the daily form.
  • Poor concentration depends on internal and external disruptive factors.
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