What do teenagers around the world think of Hinduism?

On the streets of the world we meet people from many countries and parts of the world

The Baden regional church in the middle of the world
On the streets of the world we meet people from many countries and parts of the world. We get into conversation with many people and learn about other ways of life, customs and rituals. Sometimes you discover with astonishment that the woman from Taiwan, with whom you have had tea for a long time at a train station or airport, is a Christian. Up until now it was always thought that a completely different religion, probably Buddhism, is predominant in Taiwan. And so it is all the more exciting to hear how a Christian from Taiwan describes the religions of your country and above all her own religion. And how important it is for her to know and name the differences between religions. Many Christians in Europe also feel the same way more and more often. When you encounter other denominations or religions, you begin to think more carefully about what your own beliefs are like. What answers he gives, what questions he leaves open or what you always wanted to clarify for yourself.

Information on and from religions
With a lot of information that reaches us through the media, it is often not clear whether this is information from or about a religion. There are also more and more details and sometimes it is difficult to keep track. Because other religions are internally as different and as widely ramified as Christianity, although they are, for example, subsumed under a collective term such as Hinduism. But also Hinduism, with around 1 billion followers, has a history that is around 3500 years old and has given rise to many widely ramified ideas. With some traditions, ideas and world views, the Western European concept of religion no longer even fits. How different are people's thoughts, feelings, actions and self-writing.

Attention, respect and your own positions
The regional church of Baden respects and respects the beliefs and testimonies of all people and also everyone who cannot do anything with religious ideas of any kind. But it does not move away from the testimony it gave in Jesus Christ for the world and its confessions. The other religions are not simply objects but are always valued as subjects. The appropriation of other religions, rituals or ideas does not serve to mutual respect. The Christian faith not only asks about other religions and ideas but can also be questioned and questioned.
What separates and connects is clearly named and an appreciative language is cultivated, which also very critically reflects the sometimes fateful history of some forms of mission and deals with colonialism.