Can defeat Merged Zamasu Broly

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Fused Zamasu Enters the Arena (Update)

In the latest edition of V-Jump, the next FighterZ fighter was revealed and this is a well-known Dragon Ball super villain.

Although Dragon Ball Super has now said goodbye to the TV screens, the fan of the franchise does not have to mop up, because with the latest video game based on Akira Toriyama's successful saga, you can plunge into a new exciting adventure together with the Z-warriors . The developers of Arc System Works have by no means been idle since the game's launch, because they keep supplying Dragon Ball FighterZ with updates and new characters that expand the existing ranks of fighters. On February 28th, Son-Goku's father Bardock and the movie villain Broly, the first two DLC characters rushed into battle. In the meantime, as reported by Dragon Ball Super France, among others, the next warrior has been confirmed in the latest issue of V-Jump, whom the players will hopefully soon be able to welcome into the game: Fused Zamasu!

Fused Zamasu (V-Jump-Scan)

This figure is a fusion of Goku Black and the corrupted (from a different timeline) Kaioshin Zamasu, who merged into one being with the power of their Potara earrings. Fused Zamasu made his first appearance in the 64th episode of the Dragon Ball Super Anime before he also appeared in Toyotaro's manga a good six months later. Having both the immortality of Zamasu and Goku Black's near-infinite potential, he possesses a power that is almost unparalleled even compared to other gods. It was only by joining forces that Future Trunks, Vegeta and Son-Goku finally succeeded in apparently defeating Fused Zamasu before Future Zen-Oh finally wiped out the fallen Kaioshin.

The above scan not only gives us a first look at Fused Zamasu's stats, it also revealed which super and meteor attacks the immortal god can use in the game. In contrast to the other fighters, Zamasu has a very special ability, because if you can believe the screenshots on the scan, he seems to be able to to floatwhich should make some exciting maneuvers possible. The article even mentions that you can then move the character in eight different directions using the control pad or the analog stick. Especially in the areas of strength and range, Zamasu impresses with an SS rating, which makes him one of the most powerful fighters in these aspects. However, he seems to have deficits in his speed, because with a C he is on the same level as Broly in this regard. Back to his attacks: His super listens to the sonorous name Holy Wrath (Holy Wrath), when used, Fused Zamasu creates a massive ki-ball and fires it at its opponent.

Fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath

For his meteor attack, however, Fused Zamasu will use a different move, which viewers of the anime should surely be familiar with: If you use up three ki bars, you can Absolute lightning Activate (absolute lightning), but before the former Kaioshin lets lightning strike his opponent, he forms the so-called Wall of Light, which has the shape of a gigantic bird that is just spreading its wings. With these divine lightning bolts, Fused Zamasu already made life difficult for Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms in the anime, because even with this power they had little to oppose their opponent.

Fused Zamasu's Absolute Lightning

On the scanned page, however, it is neither revealed how much the DLC character Fused Zamasu will cost nor when it will be released. Based on the previous FighterZ reports by V-Jump, this could be clarified in one of the upcoming issues.

Update (04/24/2018):

On the in-house Twitter account, Bandai Namco has now published official screenshots of the upcoming DLC ​​character Fused Zamasu, which "soon" to expand the fighters ranks of Dragon Ball FighterZ. In addition, the character's official statistics were revealed, which differ in some points from those of the previously leaked scans from the new V-Jump; the official stats of Fused Zamasu are:

  • Strength: S
  • Speed: S.
  • Range: A
  • Technique: SS
  • Energy: S.
  • Ease of use: B.

The developers seem to have readjusted a few screws with the most powerful of all gods, because the data that has now officially been announced differ greatly from those in the V-Jump. When Fused Zamasu will be released has not yet been revealed.

Are you looking forward to Fused Zamasu and will you get this DLC?