Which paper is used for novels?


The paper you should have your book printed on depends on many things. In any case, the selected paper type must match the printing process. With the right choice of paper for your book, you determine a good feel, legibility, image quality of the print and value for your readers.

Standard paper types (offset printing) for book block included Better to print

Paper typefitnessvarietyproperties
Picture printingideal for 4-color, also extensive, image-heavy works with high quality requirements (illustrated books, chronicles, cookbooks)Novatech (matt & gloss)low volume, painted surface, suitable for finishing with dispersion varnish
OffsetBooks with a high proportion of text and graphics (specialist books, scientific literature, operating instructions)Ditomedium volume, natural haptic properties
recyclingBooks with a high proportion of text and graphics (guides, literature with ecological aspects)Impact NaturalMedium volume, slightly grayish, conserves wood as a raw material and requires less energy to manufacture
(Blue Angel)
Factory pressureideal for b / w printing of text and images (novels)Munken Print (white & cream)high volume, open and haptically pleasant surface, good reading properties
Chromo cardboardCardboard booksZenith GC1 350g / sqmhigh volume, painted surface, high flexural strength

Paper grammages for the book block

  • <80g / qm - papers with a low basis weight for books with a large volume and simple requirements.
  • 80g / qm to 135g / qm - common paper weights for book blocks stand for good handling and are sufficient for most quality requirements.
  • > 135g / sqm - papers with a high basis weight for books of small size and higher demands on haptics and opacity (opacity) are also particularly suitable for large book formats.

Paper prices are calculated for each type of paper according to weight, so that a smaller area weight also means a lower price!

Data sheets content papers (standard)

All standard papers from Better to print are FSC and / or PEFC certified.

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