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ACU students invite elementary school students to the Thanksgiving feast

Last Tuesday the 'English' of the fourth grade of the elementary school forum thomanum were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving according to American tradition with the students of Abilene Christian University (ACU, USA). Thanksgiving, celebrated in the USA and Canada, differs from the European tradition. The American tradition began in the fall of 1621 when the Pilgrim Fathers and the Wampanoag (Native Americans of Indian descent) celebrated their first successful harvest. Today Thankgiving is a national holiday on the fourth Thursday in November and the most important family festival of the year. Numerous delicacies are served, including turkey, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.

The ACU students are currently spending a semester abroad in Leipzig and proudly presented the dishes they prepared themselves. The primary school students clearly enjoyed eating and testing their English skills. After the meal, the children were allowed to write down on sheets of paper what they are grateful for. Before going back to school, they played a game of American football. Thank you very much for the invitation and hospitality of the ACU.

ACU Students invite primary school children to Thanksgiving lunch

Last Tuesday the “English kids” from the forum thomanum primary school’s fourth grade class were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with students from Abilene Christian University (ACU, USA). Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that is celebrated in both the USA and Canada. The holiday began with the “First Thanksgiving,” a feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag (a Native American nation) to celebrate the colony’s first successful harvest in the new country. Nowadays, the whole family comes together for a large meal on the fourth Thursday of November to express gratefulness for what they have. Most recognizable are traditional dishes like turkey, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes.

The ACU students are currently spending a semester abroad in Leipzig and were proud to present their homemade dishes. The primary school children had fun eating and enjoyed the opportunity to test their own English language abilities. After the meal, both the children and the students wrote what they were thankful for on colored leaves. Finally, the children were able to play a game of American football before heading back to school.