How do I get a side income

23 new ideas for your extra income

23 new ideas from “Sounds exciting” to “That really works ?!” with which you can build up a side income ... 67 (!) more ideas can be found in my new book Heimarbeit 3.0!


1. Blogging

A blog does not bring you direct income, but in the medium term it is quite possible to make good money with an online business!

>> You can find the best tips for starting your blog here!


2. Recipe collection / cookbook

Don't tell me that there are countless cookbooks out there and nobody needs new ones - when was the last time you went to a bookstore? New ones appear all the time! You can easily create a recipe collection yourself and sell it online.

Recipes for special diets (paleo, vegan, LCHF ...) or special "formats" are particularly good: desserts based on avocado, dishes with less than 500kcal (honestly, can someone please write that?), Juices, green smoothies ...

The new superfood scene in particular still offers you a lot of opportunities here, because we all want to eat well and healthily, right?

Important: In any case, pay attention to your own aesthetically pleasing, high-quality, bright pictures!

Two examples are:

Madeleine Alizadeh / Vegan cookbook, according to her own information, she was able to cover her costs for 2 months with the proceeds. Not that bad, is it?

Roman Firnkranz / My green smoothies, sold out as a paperback shortly after the launch.


3. Rentals on Airbnb

Do you have a free room, an apartment, a camper or a cool little house in the garden? Is there an important trade fair or event in your city and you want to leave the city anyway? Register as a landlord on Airbnb and earn a nice extra income.

Danger: Your rental income is subject to income tax and some cities do not allow Airbnb rentals!

If you don't have anything to rent or Airbnb isn't allowed in your city:


4. WordPress installation or support

If you deal intensively with WordPress and have fun with it, you can offer other bloggers to take over all installations from the CMS, the theme to the plugins.

Updates to versions, troubleshooting and minor adjustments in the CSS file, such as changing the font size or color, pose unsolvable challenges for many people.

Offer ready-made packages on your website that your customers can easily book or give help for self-help.

You have good acquisition opportunities in blogger or digital nomad groups on Facebook.


5. Virtual assistance

Virtual assistance is THE freelancer entry drug par excellence. A high affinity for the German language, organizational talent, professional experience and / or commercial training are helpful.

The virtual assistance, especially for people who are successful in areas that you would like to get into yourself, not only brings financial returns, but also a lot of input and a steep learning curve.

In an article and in my guide "How to become a virtual assistant" I have answered the most important questions about virtual assistance.


6. Logo design

Many, many people are completely lost when it comes to graphic design. If you are a graphic artist, offer a standard package, for example with a logo and business card.

The work is varied and thanks to word of mouth you can build up a customer base here very quickly.

What you are selling to your customers is that the cost of your service is not in relation to the time that your customer would have to pay for themselves.

By the way: This is a good strategy to bring almost any service to the man (or woman).


7. Spreadshirt

Another example of selling your own goods on third-party platforms is

Spreadshirt has a large selection of textiles (from men's sweaters to baby rompers), drinking bottles, bags and much more that you can decorate with your own logos or designs.

With just a few clicks you can open your virtual shop, upload your own designs and offer products in next to no time.

In addition to the cost of the actual product, you can enter a commission that you get on every sale.

Warehousing, printing and shipping are all carried out by Spreadshirt.


8. Online courses and webinars

You can create online courses in a number of different ways.

Either you use platforms like Udemy, where you upload your content directly to the site. With the help of plugins like Digimember, or a self-programmed password-protected area, you can integrate the online course directly into your website.

The third option is to send the course content to your customers by e-mail (for example with the help of the MailChimp automation function).

Your customers register and receive the access data via an autoresponder with which they can easily log in or an email with the latest lesson every time you specify (24 hours, 1 week, 10 days).

examples for this are


9. Computer and software courses

Offer computer or tablet courses on notice boards, old people's homes, senior citizens' organizations, newspapers and local gazettes. Dealing with Skype and Google Hangouts (to call the children or grandchildren) is a popular service that you can offer.

You can go one step further if you have mastered LaTex. This is essential for students today. Offer courses in which you pass on your knowledge or distribute notices in the humanities faculties.


10. ShopScout

I stumbled upon ShopScout some time ago and am now earning a nice little extra income with it.

The concept is basically the same as with MysteryShopping, except that you carry out the orders on your smartphone.

The payment is made twice a month (on the 1st and on the 15th) to your account. ShopScout is not actually working from home, as you have to be on site to complete the orders.

But if you bring some time with you, the offers are in your area and / or you drop by or go shopping anyway, it is money that is very quickly earned.

Not bad at all, is it?


11. Typing of term papers, theses, studies ...

Yes, even in the 21st century there are many, many people who can only type on the computer in the Adler search system.

If you have the decisive advantage of being able to write quickly, the euros are also on the street here.

Look around universities. I remember countless notices, especially in the faculties of humanities, law and medicine, through which data typists were sought for the recording of theses or study results.

However, this only becomes profitable for you from a keystroke speed of around 80 words per minute, which corresponds to a moderate typing speed. Very good from around 100-110 wpm, but here you should definitely be familiar with the subject.

You can test your writing speed here.


12. Data collection

For some time I earned my living by electronically recording the working hours of film crews, which were recorded on paper due to the lack of alternatives.

In contrast to transcribing theses, neither in-depth specialist knowledge nor special linguistic confidence is required here.

We only recommend entering numbers using the numeric keypad. You can learn that quickly.

In this area there are also offers for entering business cards / contact details.

Accuracy and speed are the be-all and end-all, because payment is often based on the data set.


13. Language courses

One of my former colleagues, a Swede, offered language courses on a regular basis.

Are you sure of your knowledge, are you a native speaker, do you even have certificates to prove it and access to adequate rooms?

What are you waiting for!

In addition to the usual suspects, acquisition can also take place via the notice boards and HR departments of large companies. Especially when the companies maintain business relationships with the respective country.

If you have friends in the respective country, ask if there are German companies in their area. One of my friends works for a German supermarket chain in Spain, another for a construction machinery manufacturer in England.

Start there.


14. VHS lecturer

The VHS is always looking for good lecturers to expand its portfolio.

There are no limits to your imagination when creating an offer.

Academic degrees, certificates, etc. are welcome, but not a must.

Get creative, put together a small file in which you explain who you are, what you do and which courses you can offer.

However, the earnings are not generous.

15. Animal portraits

If you are good at drawing and / or have an extraordinary style, offer portraits of animals. No matter whether as a caricature, a realistic drawing, with pencil, chalk or in oil - animal people like to pay for beautiful pictures of their darlings (guilty!).

Similar to animal photography, you can also leave your flyers here with animal hairdressers or doctors.

But also the customer acquisition via your own website, via Facebook, Instagram, DaWanda or Etsy should not be underestimated!

Above all, social networks live from high-quality images!


16. Wedding or event planner

My best friend recently got married. Since both nurses don't have huge incomes, they didn't hire a wedding planner. The result was that by the evening before the wedding, all family members were folding cards, decorating the teepee, setting tables, hauling drinks and cleaning.

Pure stress!

If you are an accomplished planner and organizer, then jump in here!

In addition to wedding celebrations, you can offer anniversary celebrations or birthday parties.


17. Walkers

I myself looked for a walker for my dog ​​Hamlet for a long time and just couldn't find one. We still have a lot of demand here, especially in Germany!

If you expand your service to pick up the dog from home or - even better - from the office, I promise you, you will soon have your first customers.

Once the word-of-mouth machinery has started, it will likely run you down.

Per gas hour between 10-20 € are conceivable or of course weekly or monthly flat rates.

By the way: I recently read about a young American woman who financed her studies entirely through dog walking and animal care.

That would be an idea too, right?


18. House sitter

With classic house customs in your city, you take care of their house and animals while the residents are absent, for example on vacation, in the hospital or on a business trip. Dogs and small animals can be looked after on site, all other animals in the owner's apartment. Depending on how far your journey is and what tasks you are doing, you can charge up to € 25 per day.

With house manners on platforms there is usually hardly any earning potential, but free accommodation in exchange for taking care of the house and dog (or cat, or sheep ...)

Sebastian from Off the Path has written an entire book on the subject of house customs, you can find it here on Amazon!


19. Shopping service

Not only working parents or senior citizens cannot or do not want to do their shopping themselves. I suspect that over the next 2 or 3 years it will become very common to have a personal buyer.

Two or three customers, whose purchases you organize while your children are in kindergarten or school, for example, put some money into the till.

Here you can make your earnings dependent on the purchase value as a percentage. 10 € flat rate + 10% of the purchase value approx.


20. Wash cars and bicycles

There are supposed to be people who find it comforting to wash cars - my father is one of them. Are you part of this group?

Congratulations, you have just found your business model.

From washing after the winter to deep cleaning before selling, there are people out there who pay you to wash and clean their cars.

Brand new, I stumbled upon someone who wanted a bicycle wash in Berlin. "Everyone needs it, but nobody wants to do it".

A brilliant idea for a business and for me it was once again proof that inspiration for your extra income is lurking everywhere (!), You just have to keep your eyes and ears open.


21. Laundry and ironing service

Above all, working people often find themselves overrun by mountains of laundry.

With a laundry pick-up and delivery service, you can quickly set up a successful small side business.

Combine the laundry service with an ironing service and your customers will love you!

Above all, working women and men who no longer pull their blouses, shirts, blazers and trousers out of the laundry pile themselves in the morning and then frantically iron them before the important appointment, are often looking for a reliable service provider.

Bonus: Meanwhile, you can run a series marathon with a clear conscience!


22. Escort service to offices

When my wallet was stolen some time ago, I found myself at the district administration department to re-apply for all the paper.

I entered the open-plan office together with a Spanish student who unfortunately did not understand German.

The clerk got louder and louder during the attempt to talk and at some point she yelled at the young man - in the broadest Bavarian language.

I didn't listen to it for a long time and translated for the student.

This is probably the case for a very, very large number of people, and not just students from abroad.

This is precisely why an escort service to offices is a wonderful business model not only in cities with universities or technical colleges.

Find your customers through notices and newspaper advertisements or even on the Internet.


23. Jewelry design

Etsy, DaWanda, small markets or even your own online shop - the country needs and seeks beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Find out your special USP as that one thing that makes your jewelry stand out, make the good pieces and offer them.

Make sure that you use high quality materials. Charge higher prices than sell your customers junk items. You can get them in every supermarket.

I myself produce malas (Buddhist prayer chains) on a small scale, which I only produce on request. Most of my customers come to me through recommendations or Instagram.

If I were to use inferior materials, I could offer them significantly cheaper. But since I have high demands on the quality of the stones, the prices start at 65 euros.

Get creative!

You haven't found the right idea yet?

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And? How do you build your empire?

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