What is nothing 13

Company & Friends 13 - Nothing (2013)

A dance piece by Linda Weißig with the company of the Leipziger Tanztheater under the direction of Alessio Trevisani

(Text: Linda Weißig)

Inspired by the novel by Janne Teller “Nothing. What is important in life ”. Translated from Danish by Sigrid Engeler. Carl Hanser Verlag Munich, 2010.

"Nothing means anything, so it's not worth doing anything."

In a world full of possibilities, adolescence is no less difficult. The search for meaning appears to be made more difficult by the infinite and global possibilities that the world offers us today. The search for meaning in our own life often accompanies us for a lifetime. The question of “What is?” And “What is nothing?” Affects classes and cultures across generations. But what happens when someone really leaves, questions the meaning of life critically and thereby calls on the masses to face these thoughts. Conforming mass against the individual, who are we, where do we want to go? What has meaning and what if nothing has meaning? “Nothing” is a danced journey of meaning around the individual thought of meaning.

Premiere: April 23, 2013, Plant 2, Leipzig

choreography Linda Weißig
Company Anja Diezmann, Claudia Kühn, Ronny Hoffmann, Niklas Molitor, Onur Agbaba, Miriam Beer, Anna Lene Nöldner, Anastasiia Berkova, Angelique Kampe, Annika Hertwig, Sophia Troisch, Ricarda Friedrich
management Alessio Trevisani
Costumes / stage Linda Weißig
Sound design Nikola Jeremic
Lighting design Christian Seibt
production Leipzig Dance Theater e.V.