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Winter catalog - Manufactum

Winter catalog

October 2009 - March 2010


Jackets, coats and vests ..................... 1–8

Knitwear ................................................. 9

Mechanics ................................................. ... 10

Leather goods .......................................... 11–12

Office ................................................. .... 13-15

Tool ................................................. .. 16

Lights and furniture ............................ 17–19

Jewelry ............................................. 20–23

Personal hygiene ....................................... 24-25

Hats, scarves and gloves ....... 26–27

Subject: Camel and Yak Hair .............. 28–29

Subject: Merino fleece ................................ 30

Stockings and socks ............................... 31

Slippers .............................................. 32

Shoes ................................................. ...... 33

Home textiles ........................................ 34–39

Subject: Sewing and Knitting ............... 40–41

Stoves and ovens .................................. 42–43

Winter and safety .......................... 44–45

Christmas ....................................... 46–56

Game ................................................. ... 57-61

Kitchen ................................................. 62-64

Food ......................................... 64–72

Stereo ................................................. ....... 73

CONDITIONS ................................................. .......... 73

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Manufactum GmbH & Co. KG

45729 Waltrop


Old Hemish tanned.

Hand colored.

Our enthusiasm for chamois leather

we can and do not want to hide

for it prompts us, always

again for further uses

for this extraordinary

Look for material. The ones from this

Resulting drive, presented here

two-piece deerskin jacket is unrestricted

suitable for winter, because one

- easily thanks to small leather loops

vest that can be buttoned in and unbuttoned

from boiled knit complements the wind and

water-repellent qualities of the

Chamois leather around the

heat-giving property of a

dense, but not too heavy and

comfortable to wear knitted fabric. A

Another special feature of this jacket is

the application of paint, which is purely mechanical

done by repeated brushing.

This laborious manual process

on the one hand leads to an incomparable

beautiful and durable surface, on the other hand

to partial penetration

the color on the reverse side (i.e. after

inside), which is (of course only when the

Vest) on the yellow-colored one

Reason in irregular donations

and dark spots shows: for

the connoisseur not a defect, but in

Opposite a sign of authentic,

traditional leather processing. In order to

what remains recognizable is the jacket

not even fed again.

The natural color of the underside

is made for chamois leather on the outside

typical piping processing (here

a strip of chamois leather between)

picked up discreetly at the dividing seams.

The one here only marginally appreciated

The buttoned vest is an item of clothing

for himself and also lets himself

wear it solo without further ado Jacket velvet

Hack manufactures the inner workings for us in Cologne

(to an admittedly not approving,

but in the face of what is commanded

anytime without a hint of shame

justifiable price).



Jacket: generously cut. On five

Buffalo horn buttons close, piped button holes.

Two hand pockets.

Sleeves in the arm ball very spacious,

adjustable at the hem

Latch and button. Use in the lower

Sleeve area processed open-edged,

about the suppleness of the leather

to obtain. An inside pocket with

Metal zipper. Back part in the

middle back and lower third

divided. Deer leather, old hemisphere tanned

(Material thickness 1.1 mm). Back length

for size 50 = 77 cm.

Vest: 100% virgin wool (Shetland),

fulled. Yarn count 9.5 / 2, material weight

470 g / m2. Knit in stockinette stitch.

Buttoned in and out with small ones

Leather loops. Deerskin trimmings

at the collar base, at the armholes,

on the front and on the

Metal zipper. An inside pocket,

to close with button. Back length

size 50 = 72 cm.

Order no. 8684 8919

Sizes 46–54 e 1,748.00

Sizes 56–60 e 1,920.00


Magnificent and heirloom items. Merino lambskin.

Tailored in Westphalia.

The skins for jackets, hats, gloves

and wrist warmers on this and

on the next page come from merino sheep

from Germany. Merino sheep

have a strong and firm

Skin that is very soft and at the same time

is easy to grip. Their wool is very fine, dense

and soft and of course very warm.

The fur side is after tanning

shaved down to a hair length of 10 mm,

because the undercoat of the

Fleece the particularly dense and silky one

Has structure that has a clothing fur

must have. We leave exclusively


Extremely warming and actually almost

even a coat: this jacket is enough

up over the thighs.

Slightly tailored cut with patch

Bags. The collar is with

provided with a buttonable neck strap.

Piped buttonholes. Two inside pockets

with metal zipper. Merino lambskin

like grown, buttons off

real buffalo horn, counter buttons made of

Mother of pearl. Weight 2.1 kg. Back length

in size 38 = 91 cm.

Sizes 36–46

Order no. 8206 7919 e 1,098.00


The jacket is cut straight and

has patch pockets. The collar

is provided with a buttonable neck strap.

Piped buttonholes. Two

Inside pockets with metal zip.

Natural merino lambskin, buttons

Made of real buffalo horn, counter buttons

made of mother-of-pearl. Weight 2.3 kg. Back length

in size 48 = 98 cm.

Order no. 8206 5919

Sizes 48–54 e 1,279.00

Sizes 56–60 e 1,398.00

process large pieces of leather,

keeping the number of seams to a minimum

lowers. Be tailored

the solid men's and women's jackets

(and also the accessories) in the Westphalian

Sauerland, in a company that

Functional and hunting for generations

Manufactures leather clothing. The processing

Muff inside, outside


The warming one

Interior is pending

that extraordinary

dense and

very warming

Merino lamb fur.

The skins are made after the

Tanning shaved down to 14 mm

and smoothed several times. The outside

the muff is made of fine wild buck velor

(Thickness 0.7 mm) produced. On

the front is a large pocket

incorporated; located on the back

another, slightly smaller one


tion is perfect: the few seams are

the only places in

Decades of wear and tear

could adjust. You are therefore

worked particularly carefully, so

double stitched, serged and reinforced.

So: nothing that is better

can make.


15 mm wide shoulder strap, adjustable in length.

Nickel-free clasp

Metal, with RiRi zipper.

Height 23 cm, width 30 cm, depth 5 cm.

Weight 340 g.

Order no. 7821 2919 e 175.00

Note: suede tends to begin with

something about lint formation.

Strong against cold:

Sheepskin hat.

So you defy yourself

grim frost: cap off

Merino lambskin with a thick undercoat

and a firm pile.



Made entirely of grown merino lambskin.


Front flap is

fixed that generous


Ear flaps

and the warming neck piece

tied up above the head



Not just for work

at wintry

Temperatures are these

Wrist warmers made of dense merino lambskin

best for. They warm the pulse

and wrist - and thus hold

fingers warm too - but without

restrict mobility. edge

edged with goat suede.

Even finer and


The fur for this

West originates

from spanish

Merino lambs.

The undercoat

the animals is very

dense but finer

and lighter than the Germans

Merinos - the more south the animals live,

the finer their wool.

the will. Ribbons made of doubled,

Quilted lambskin.

Weight 220 g.

Sizes 55–62

Order no. 8207 2919 e 162.00

With Velcro fastener. Weight

(Pulse warmer small) 100 g.

Small: 25 cm long, 9 cm wide.

Order no. 8206 9919 e 32.00

Medium: 28 cm long, 9 cm wide.

Order no. 8207 0919 e 32.00

Large: 35 cm long, 11 cm wide.

Order no. 8207 1919 e 32.00


Hip-length, straight cut. The scheduled

Collar is with the zipper

to close up to the chin.

Worked with two welt pockets.

Two-way metal zipper by

RiRi. Hair length about 13-14 mm.

Back length in size 50 = 70 cm.

Sizes 46–60

Order no. 8524 5919 e 598.00



Short, extremely warming vest

made of merino lambskin with trimmed

Stand-up collar, without

Seams in the neck area. Lays in front

turned outward

Cut edge like a narrow one

Shawl collar on. Shaping lateral

Darts. All cut edges after

folded outside. Inside at waist height

a metal hook and an eyelet

to close the vest.

Back length for size 38 = 60 cm.

Sizes 34–46

Order no. 8684 5919 e 349.00

Mittens lambskin

These mittens made of dense

Merino lambskin are on the inside

worked with a zipper,

so that they are on the wrist

or sit tight on the pulse and thus

keep nice and warm. Weight 200 g.

Sizes 7-11 (in full sizes)

Order no. 8206 8919 e 79.00



Right close to the body


Model. The attached warming

Collar will

as a stand-up collar

worn and

can be zipped up to the top

to be closed. Front and

Back part are with shaping

side dividing seams worked;

the shoulder yoke connects the front

and back part. Two welt pockets.

Metal zippers from RiRi. Hair length

about 13-14 mm.

Back length in size 38 = 58 cm.

Sizes 34–46

Order no. 8524 4919 e 568.00

2 3

Natural thermal insulation:

Sheepskin with an open curl.

This garment has its origin

at a time when the pioneers

their machines are still in aviation

open cockpits. Without that

appropriate protective clothing could

it is difficult to join this adventure

expose - so found the (always about

mid-length sheepskin jacket

their way behind the wheel: dressed like that

were pilots and passengers before

immune to any storms and still

hardly restricted in their freedom of movement.

Even in icy winds

holds the soft fur with a hair length

of 15 mm is still really warm.

The robust leather outside defies

Rain, snow and hailstorms

and withstands a wintry one

Take a walk through nature too

the contact with thorny bushes

- all without the weather protection clothing

otherwise usual addition of

Synthetic and synthetic fiber.

The sheepskin is grown as if

processed. We get it from one

small tannery in the UK,

German leather and lambskin.

For every strain.

The resilient guild clothing material

you know from pure cotton

our men's trousers and the casual jacket

(Autumn / Winter clothing catalog

2009/2010, pages 10 and 39) - for

We leave the material to this blouson

process in a lighter quality,

nevertheless tough and

abrasion resistant. The substance is made in Germany

woven for us.

We offer here to match the blouson

a suede vest with lambskin

who button themselves into the jacket,

just as good but also solo as

warm the cover can wear.

Classic blouson shape.

Men's jacket with a high stand-up collar, the

can also be carried turned up

can. The shoulder is well shaped

by dividers

on the front and back, the sleeves

are made as double-stitched sleeves.

Two spacious flap pockets on the

Front part. Two tongues incorporated into the outer fabric

Inside pockets, one with

a flap to be buttoned and the

others with a metal zipper

Mistake. The hem forms a

where the leather is mineral - with the

typical "oily finish" - tanned and

Dyed dark brown, the fur side

but little is shaved off.

5 cm wide waistband. In the shoulder seam

inside and at the neckline

two loops made of cotton lining

to button the adjacent

Merino lambskin vest.


100% cotton (fabric weight

430 g / sqm). Inner lining as well

Cotton. Two-way zip

Each piece is unique. The model

is based on a historical find

originated in the 1920s.

made of metal by RiRi. Color: Black.

Back length for size 50 = 75 cm.

Order no. 1922 2919

Sizes 46–54 e 269.00

Sizes 56–60 e 296.00

Reduced to the essentials.

All details.

The generously cut fur collar

is with a buttonable neck strap

worked and can also go up over

carried with ears turned up

become. The half-length jacket is double-breasted

buttoned, the buttons are off

Hand-rolled horse nappa leather; you will be

pulled through from the outside to the inside

and tightly knotted. The button loops too

and reinforcing tapes

on the button placket and edges of

Sleeve surrounds and torso are

Handcrafted from Rossnappa - wear and tear

is even for decades

Use only desirable patina.


Sheepskin as if grown, mineral

tanned. Buttons, loops and ribbons

Horse nappa. Two spacious and warm

patch flap pockets on the front.

Back length in size M = 80 cm.

Can also be buttoned as a ladies' model.

Order no. 8496 4919

Sizes S – XL e 1,698.00

Size XXL e 1,868.00

Unique piece. and buttonable.

The dense, supple lambskin

can store a lot of air and thus hold

reliably warm.



Straight cut with a stand-up collar.

With shoulder yoke that supports the fit.

A dividing seam in the back,

below the shoulder yoke with a curved

Course. Two large patches

Bags. Loops made of leather for

Button into the blouson.

Sheepskin as if grown. Two ways-

Metal zipper by RiRi.

Back length for size 50 = 71 cm.

The vest also fits into our outer jacket

made of loden (clothing catalog

Fall / Winter 2009/2010, page 14).

Order no. 1922 3919

Sizes 46–54 e 598.00

Sizes 56–60 e 658.00

The garment for winter

absolutely. The down jacket.

There are plenty of down jackets:

mostly made of synthetic material and

often dubious even with fillings

Origin - not to mention

that as its bearer in it one can easily die

Takes the form of a tire man.

The following models prove

The men's model.

Cut and details.

Classic straight cut; the waist size

can be opened via two buttoned

Adjust the side latches. The removable

and lightly lined with down

Hood, inside with a contrast lining

is set off with a button

Latch provided at chin height; through a

Drawstring on the outside

the hood is also wider

regulate. The two-way zipper

can be closed up to the chin

and is windproof with a screen

locked; the cover is with press studs

worked. The sleeves are

with windscreen cuffs made of outer fabric

Mistake. Two large slat pockets

with zipper to

Warm hands. Two patches

Bellows bags that are used as two-way bags

are executed: flaps with concealed

Snap buttons, zippers

on the side pocket openings.

Two spacious inside pockets with

Zipper. A special detail

is the security pocket for your wallet

or mobile phone that has an intervention

in the front panel also at

closed jacket is accessible.

that there is another way: one outside

water-repellent and windproof

Location Swiss EtaProof from pure

Cotton thanks to its special

Weaving technology - in valve fashion - die

natural breathability of cotton

preserved. And inside: actually

a filling made from real Pilsener

new class I goose down, large



EtaProof upper (fabric weight

200 g / sqm). White pilsner filling

new goose down class I (100%

Down). Lining 100% cotton,

Pocket lining slightly roughened and extra

warming. Metal zippers from

RiRi, cord stopper and snaps

also metal. Olive green lining.

Back length for size 50 = 95 cm.

Order no. 8483 1919 anthracite

Order no. 1929 9919 black

Sizes 46–54 e 798.00

Sizes 56–60 e 869.00

flaky, extremely light and real

warming. Down of this quality will be

otherwise only in high-quality duvets

processed. About comfort

to increase again, we have the

Desertification of the down in large areas

Cassettes inside the jacket

relocated: This type of processing is supported

first, the extraordinary

The women's model.

Cut and details.

We loved the classic parka

oriented: The simple, medium-length one

Jacket is in the back with a wide

Waist belt worked on the

Side seams adjustable with press studs

is. The lightly down-lined removable

The hood is made entirely of outer fabric

made and with a buttonable

Latch provided at chin height; through a

Drawstring outside the hood

also adjust in width.

The practical two-way zipper

Warmth of the down - and

second, the jacket is barely bulky.

The downproof liner is with

our jackets also do not take off

made of synthetic fibers, rather

made of very tight and tightly woven


can be closed up to the chin

and is covered by a panel with

Press studs covered. To the

Sleeve is a wind catcher made of outer fabric

scheduled. Two spacious flap pockets

with pocket opening from above,

on each of which there is a smaller slope

Zip pocket is located. A

buttonable inside pocket. The jacket is

also with a security pocket

(for key or mobile phone) under

equipped with the cover, accessible

via a concealed zipper

and also with gloved hands

easily accessible without the jacket

to have to open it separately.


EtaProof upper (fabric weight

200 g / sqm). White pilsner filling

new goose down class I (100% down),

Ticking and lining 100% cotton.

Inner lining and pocket pouch

slightly roughened on the inside and extra

warming. Metal zippers from

RiRi, cord stopper and snaps

also made of metal. Color: Black,

Lining beige. Back length at

Size 36 = 80 cm.

Sizes 34–46

Order no. 8482 8919 e 698.00

4 5

our camel hair coat.

A truly noble piece.

We're going with that for good reason

Attribute "noble" when describing our

Materials and products extremely

economical around.

Too often it is treacherous to one

obliged only to appearances

Appreciation according to their salary

at best of dubious things (and

corresponding needs of their

User), and not in the original

Meaning for “of noble

Gender ”- related above all

on excellent spiritual and

character traits.

Decide on this coat

however, we are conscious

for the term, because hardly

another item of clothing

gives its wearer in

so perfect connection

subtle shine and

recognizable status like

also long-lasting

inner refreshment and


Camel hair is awesome

warm, matt glossy,

very cuddly

and yet extremely

durable ("Camelhair

improves with age "). The

resulting tissues

- we get it

from a renowned

Italian weaving - is

very easy and leaves you

excellent air exchange

to. For our men's coat

only finds it special

valuable fluff off

the fluffy under hair

of Mongolian camels

Use. He becomes too extreme

fine yarn spun:

The warp yarn is twisted

Yarn, the weft yarn

a simple carded yarn. The

tight thread supports stability

and resilience of the fabric and

its natural fall; that easy

twisted, fuller single yarn conveyed

the soft, woolly feel

of the pile.

The coat is made for us by Tailor

Hoff assembled in Saarbrücken.

If you after careful consideration

a sovereign one at all times

and relaxed bearer of this noble one

To be able to be part of it becomes

You with good care - we recommend

occasional brushing in the direction of the stroke

- enjoy his own for decades

prepare external and internal values.

Cut and details.

Short coat closed on three buttons,

with lapel collar and inserted

Sleeves worked. The cut

is chosen so that the coat is

quite close to the body over the jacket

wears, with a wool sweater underneath

Warming out

the desert.

Luxurious, functional

and double

good: light,


Camel hair will

with a medium weight


so carefully lined that the scarf

be worn on both sides

can. The silk is given by special

Steam and wash processes one

uniquely soft grip, and this one

Treatment also has the effect of

the colors appear velvety tinted.

The classic paisley pattern,

which is produced by hand printing,

but sits very comfortably. A walking slit

in the back ensures freedom of movement.

Collar, shoulders, pocket strips

and hem edges are broadly stitched.

Two generous hand pockets

front. Right and left one spacious

is based on the natural shade of the

Camel hair matched. Both materials

are woven in twill weave,

this causes the tissue to fall more loosely,

and the scarf is easier to put on

and knot.

Made by Laco in Hamburg.



100% camel hair, 100% silk, each

woven in twill weave. width

28 cm, length 170 cm. Fringe length

8 cm. Weight approx. 175 g.

Order no. 8737 5919 e 159.00

ge inside pocket, carefully in outer fabric covers

incorporated and with buttonable

Provide lining flaps. Plus two

smaller inside pockets for writing utensils

and pocket comb.



100% camel hair (fabric weight

530 g / running meter). Yarn count Nm 17/2 in

of the chain, Nm 16 in the weft. Inner lining

made of 100% viscose. All buttons

Real horn. Back length for size

50 = 100 cm.

Order no. 8678 0919

Sizes 46–54 / 98–106 e 1,198.00

Sizes 56–60 e 1,318.00

Virgin wool from Jacob sheep.

The Jacob sheep is originally in

UK native and owned

there among the oldest known

Land sheep breeds. The imposing ones

Animals stand out - they carry four, in

Exceptionally also six horns;

their drawing is also characteristic

with the black, sometimes brown

Spots on a white background. Your wool

is considered fine, with only a little thicker

Guard hairs described it is

silky, shiny and elastic.

Shades from off-white to brown

to gray are natural.

Herringbone in color.

Tweed blazers for women.

The traditional English weaving mill Marling

and Evans, based in. since 1782

Gloucestershire, weave for us from the

natural wool from Jacob sheep

a light tweed that is comfortable

soft grip by the alone

Use of soap and water

in the processing of the wool.

Appear in the subtle herringbone pattern

the natural hues of the

Jacob sheep wool in a melange

Brown and gray tones mixed with

Wool white.

Lambswool. In scotland

hand knitted.

Warm, voluminous lambswool

the first shear and of the best

Quality - with a fiber fineness of

20 microns very soft. From it

the result is a softer and more durable

Lambswool twine (Nm 17/2), which at

Eribé in Scotland - eight threads each

bundled - knitted by hand:

with this very simple hat.



100% lambswool (fiber fineness 20 microns).

Yarn count Nm 17/2, 8 ply

entangled. Stockinette on the right, with one

narrow edge in 1/1 rib.

Universal size.

Order no. 8427 9919 wool white

Order no. 8427 8919 light gray melange

e 49.00

Hand warm. Fingers free.

Encounter at the weekly market

a fingerless gloves in the

colder times of the year more often (however

rarely as beautiful as this one). you carry

the hand warm and the fingers free, very much

practical, for example, when changing money

- and also who does not have a market stall

operates, will focus on heat plus

Freedom of movement on many occasions

looking forward.

The fingerless glove is off

the same warming, voluminous

Lambswool like hat and cape and

also hand knitted.


100% lambswool (fiber fineness 20 microns,

Yarn count Nm 17/2), eight-ply

knitted by hand. Circular

Braid motif on the back of the hand. Inside

complete and outside as a conclusion in

Right / left rib knit.

Order no. 8681 5919 wool white

Order no. 8681 6919 light gray melange

e 49.00

Real cape.

What a cape

is is

not these days

more so quite

clearly there

meanwhile too

Rain capes or

sleeveless coats

call yourself that. But it is original

a pele rine a short cloak that

Protects shoulders and upper arms and

warms. Our hand knitted is in

very reliable at this point because

the lambswool became different here

elaborate, voluminous plait patterns

entangled that a lot of air

can include and accordingly

Cut and details.

Classic tweed blazer with collar

and lapel to close on three buttons.

Darts in the front and dividing seams

support them in the back

excellent fit. A special

Detail: The back part has two

Side slits worked. The sleeve slit

are adorned with four smaller buttons.

Collar, edges and pockets are wide


Two patch pockets, a breast strip.