What is the purpose of a mascot

At this year's mascot challenge, presented by our benefit partner MWG-Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG, the mascots "Anni and Anton" from the ÖSAinsurance, "Hopsi and Klopsi" by ALEX MENU, "Horse" from the LVMinsurance, the "Wobi sparrow" of the WOBAUMagdeburg, "Elbo" from Elbauenpark as well as "Susi & Tino" from the MWG a total of 2.000Euro collected for a good cause.

The donation goes to the in equal parts Wrestler of Red Star Sudenburg e.V. and the villaPrecious. Being able to be valuable in the villa children and Teenagers discover, develop and develop their artistic abilities in a professional setting. The aim is to children and young people freeAccess to enable aesthetic education. It is important to the actors of the Villa Wertvoll that we treat all children and young people with respect and on an equal footing. The wrestling department of the Roten Stern Sudenburg e.V. has been official since the beginning of 2019 State performance base. Excellent results at German championships formed the basis for this award. Particularly impressive, as the successful sporting work with the children and young people is thanks to the voluntary commitment of the trainer and the support of the parents and sponsors.

We thank the mascots and participating companies for their support!

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