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Small me or BIG ME


1 Small me or BIG I 1

2 which one should it be? A children's story about the simple wisdom of how to live a divine life. I know many adults who have also benefited from this child skill and still use it and I am one of them. Angelina 2

3 Small me and BIG ME! My dear friend and Divine Being drew my attention to a book for children that she used as a spiritual guide for her son as he grew up. This book instilled wonderful concepts in your son, some of which he still uses today. I found this book and as I read it I realized that this is a wonderful book to share with you. It is the simple wisdom of how to live a divine life. The original title of the book is: The Little Me and the GREAT ME, written by Lou Austin in 1957. The foreword in this book says it aims to revive an old but neglected truth that there are two forces - two wills in every person. One is the will of the human self and the other is the will of the divine self. Constant contrasts are experienced between these two forces. From the moment it is understood that the Small I (the Will of the Human Self) and the BIG I (the Will of the Divine Self) are part of human nature, one realizes that everyone is always free to choose between the two. One of the greatest conditions to take part in this Divine Game is the free will to direct and decide for yourself regarding ALL experiences in this living experience. This shows how much God loves us. We are the only captains on the ship. I wish you a lot of fun reading and many new insights into how we as humans stick together and function in the service of all that is, Angelina 3

4 Some definitions regarding the small me and the BIG ME The small me The EGO negative behavior such as: judgment, criticism, guilt, fear, doubt, thoughts of resistance, condemnation, privation, illness, apprehension, disappointment, unhappiness, disharmony, restlessness, indignation, Anger, dishonesty, guilt, shame, thoughts of guilt, shame, or fear. Etc. The GREAT ME Positive behavior such as: love life, grateful, attentive, benevolent, understanding, loving, sees perfectionism in everyone, cheerful, appreciative, appreciative, respectful, trustworthy, caring, honorable, generous, enthusiastic, passionate, devoted, harmonious, beneficial, exemplary, exemplary, honest, sincere, blameless in word and deed, high caliber, knowledgeable, top class, etc. I assume that everyone is a child of creativity! So: God / creator creator in this creation Spirit / Geist Perfection (you are perfect) The game (in English: The Game) Life is just a game. We play to experience the completeness of the Creator. 4th

5 Here we go: this is a book about me. My name is I have a great secret. Few people know this secret. Do you want to know my secret I will tell you. First take a look at me. What do you see? You see me. But you don't see all of me You only see one me. So here's the secret. There are actually two I's. But you can only see one me at a time. Sometimes when you see me you see what I call my little me. 5

6 But there really is another me. I know that there is another me. And this other me is what I want you to see. It's a bigger me. I call it the BIG ME. THE BIG ME is always nice and loving. THE BIG ME only does good and loving things The little me is not always nice and loving The little I just want his way. If the little me does not find favor with someone, then the little me calls out: I am right and you are fallacious. The little me always wants to be right and doesn't care about being peaceful. I'm right the little me calls. The little me is selfish, selfish. The little me thinks only of itself. The little me doesn't think of others. Do you like the little me If the little me doesn't get what it wants, it gets torn apart. The little me is not very happy. 6th

7 Now I'll tell you another secret. I can choose between the small me and the BIG ME. I can be who I want to be. I can choose. I can be the small me or I can be the BIG ME. It's entirely up to me. Of course you already know which one I choose. But first I have to know how to exchange the little me. That’s a different secret. As if by magic, I can transform the small me into the BIG ME. I'll tell you how I do it. Can you blow out a candle on a birthday cake? Take a deep breath and blow the air out So, that's how I blow the little me out. I pout and puff. As the flames extinguish, the little one I extinguish. The little me disappears. 7th

8 And the BIG ME appears. Instead of the small me, I am now the BIG ME. And I'm very, very happy. I like all people and all people like me. I am nice to all people and all people are nice to me. The BIG ME doesn't say I'm right and you're wrong. The GREAT ME always chooses peace. The BIG ME does not react in a negative way. The GREAT I sees the situation as perfect and as a possibility for interpretation in order to be more and more perfect as a divine being. The BIG ME makes itself happy and passes it on to others. The small me has transformed into the BIG ME and everyone is happy. The BIG ME always sees only the best in everything. The BIG ME sees every experience as an opportunity to develop in order to become better and better. All people love the BIG ME. 8th

9 Now I'm telling you another secret. I'll tell you how to become The BIG ME. I've already told you how you can blow out the little you. Take a deep breath, pout, and blow. Like blowing out a candle The flame goes out, the little me goes out. Now comes the secret. After extinguishing the little me, I take a deep breath and the BIG ME manifests itself. Nobody can see when the BIG ME comes out. It's just like air. Nobody sees the air coming in. Nobody can see when the BIG ME comes out. But I know that the BIG ME appears. I can feel it when the BIG ME comes out. Then I am happier. I would like to be nice to others. I love the others. I would like to help. 9

10 The little me doesn't feel like helping others. The little me holds back love, it wants to punish others. The little me is controlling and critical. The little self does not value others and does not value life. This is an extra reason to blow the little me away. The GREAT ME always finds a way to help others and to make their lives easier. The GREAT ME loves other people unconditionally, and accepts others just as they are. The GREAT ME respects others and lets the other have his / her own experiences as a way of evolving, developing and growing. The BIG ME is not a show-off and does not make you feel smaller. The BIG ME does not criticize other people and does not see any faults in others, everyone is just as good as he / she is. The GROSSE ME itself takes 100% responsibility for its decisions. The little me always compares itself to others and focuses on the bad and not on what is good. The little me blames others for how it feels. People don't like being around the little me that much. That's another reason to blow the little me away. 10

11 people like to be with Das GROSSE ME. You can see how friendly and kindhearted The BIG ME is. How the BIG ME helps. You can see how everyone is keen on the BIG ME. That's why I always want to be the BIG ME. So I remember how I blow out the little me. I take a deep breath, pout and puff It goes out. The little me disappears. Then I take a deep breath and the BIG ME comes out. If you see me now, you will no longer see The Little Me. You see the BIG ME. My lips are laughing. My eyes shine. And I feel a lot, much happier. I don't want to be a little me anymore. I always want to be the BIG ME. When people see me, I want them to see my BIG ME. If I am The BIG ME, then I am very pleased. 11

12 Of course it also happens that I don't feel very happy. Nobody is happy all the time. Everyone has less energy or is in a bad mood. The BIG ME knows what to do when everything is not okay. The BIG ME does not brood or get upset. If a situation doesn't feel good then the BIG ME looks around you and finds things that it can value positively. As the BIG ME turns to the good, The BIG ME feels joyfully from the inside out. The unhappy feelings quickly pass. The GREAT I transforms unhappy times into joyful times. The little self cannot turn unhappy times into happy times because it only turns to the faulty and damaged. Nobody likes to stay near Das Kleine Ich anyway. As soon as the little one slips in, I blow it away again. And the little me flies far away. Then I take a deep breath. and like a magic trick appears The BIG ME. and everyone is happy again. 12

13 Would you rather be the little me? Or would you rather be the BIG ME? Isn't it wonderful to be loved by others? The BIG ME is great. I am very happy when the GREAT ME comes in and stays with me. I want the BIG ME to stay with me forever. The BIG ME is my comrade and my best friend. No matter what happens, the BIG ME is always with me. Nobody can take the BIG ME from me. Nobody! Nobody in the whole world. Sometimes the small me, the BIG ME, stands in the way. The small me excludes the BIG ME. But I can choose between the small me and the big me. I decide. I am what I have chosen. Since nobody wants to be with me because I am little me, it is my own fault. And if everyone appreciates me and enjoys being with me, it is because I have chosen to be the BIG ME. 13th

14 So, with the little me opposing me, I pout and puff, and the little me disappears. Then I take a deep breath .. and I know that the BIG ME is with me again. Would you like to have Das GROSSE ME as a friend and partner? The GREAT ME can make you very happy and joyful. Now I have to tell you another secret. This is the very best secret. This is the best secret in the whole world. Few people know this secret. And because they know this secret, they are the most gifted people in the world. I will share this secret with you. I'll tell you who the BIG ME is. This is the big secret, are you ready? Here's the secret: The BIG ME is a companion of the Creator. Yes, sure, the BIG ME comes from the Creator. So when I become The BIG ME, the Creator becomes my partner. 14th

15 When I blow the little me away, I remember and become aware of my spirit and perfection. As I breathe in, my spirit / perfection is nourished. Yes, really, the incoming air is the nourishment of my spirit / perfection. You can't see god. Nobody can see God, but God is there. You can't see God's air either, but the air is there. Yes, exactly, with inhalation the spirit / perfection is nourished, just as God's air fills the lungs with oxygen. And the creator is a partner of Das GROSSE ME. That is why the GREAT ME is good-natured and loving. The Creator is good-natured and loving. That is why the GREAT ME is good-natured and loving. The Creator, my companion, makes me happy and joyful. When I breathe in air I become aware and remember my spirit / perfection. The creator is my companion and friend. The Creator guides and protects me. He looks after me. The Creator is helping me. I try to help the Creator. We are partners. Isn't it wonderful that the Creator is my companion and my friend? 15th

16 people can see that The Creator is my companion and friend. You can tell by the smile on my face. You can tell by the light in my eyes. You can tell because I am benign to everyone. I am very happy with the Creator as my companion and friend. Everyone around me is happy and happy. The one who is not happy learns how to be happy. You will learn how to blow away the little you. You will learn how to breathe the BIG ME. Everyone has a little me. - Everyone has a BIG ME. Even all adults have a little me and a BIG me. But not all people know that. Some people don't even know that they have a BIG ME. Maybe I can teach them. By showing off their little me, I'm not going to show my little me. When someone wants me to obey their little me, I don't. 16

17 Instead, I'll show them the BIG ME. When people see me, they see The BIG ME. When you see the GREAT I, you are also acquainted with the Creator and with God. People see that The Creator is my companion and my friend, and want the Creator as a companion and friend too. They should learn how to blow away the little self. You should learn how to breathe the BIG ME into it. And I have another secret. You thought that I already told all the secrets. But I have one more. This is also a great secret. This secret reveals how I know that the Creator is my companion and friend. I tell you how the secret goes. I blow all my air out. Then I close my mouth and pinch my nose. Then I wait a few seconds. Do you see what happens 17th

18 I have to let go of my nose. Do you know why? Because I have to breathe God's air. Because my spirit wants to remember and slip in like God's air. This shows that I cannot live without the Creator - without God. This shows that my spirit is recognized and needs nutrition. I can't live without God's air. I cannot live without the Creator, without God and without my remembering my spirit. The creator would like to be in me so much, it looks like it can't be without me either. The Creator wants to help me. The Creator also wants me to stand by him. I help and support the Creator and The Game whom I am The BIG ME. I help and support the provider and Das Spiel Not who I'm the little one. I can always determine with every breath whether I am the small me or whether I am the BIG ME. I can choose to be the little me myself. I can tell the Creator: I don't want to be your companion and friend. Or I can say: thank you very much for the friendship and cooperation. Thank you for being my inspiration and creator. It depends on myself. 18th

19 If someone makes me aware that I am behaving like the little me, I can quickly blow the little me away. But I won't wait for someone to point out to me. I know exactly when I behave like the little me. I know because someone / myself feels down and they / I choose to be the little me. I know because I don't feel very pleased. I remember blowing the little me away. I remember breathing the BIG ME. When I am the BIG ME I can make a positive difference. This is why the Creator created me. The Creator wants to enjoy The Game and also help us with joy to play the Game. The Creator wants me to be his companion and friend. Isn't that a wonderful secret ???? I shared a lot of secrets with you. Sometimes you hear a secret that you shouldn't reveal. But you should tell and demonstrate the secrets I have told. You tell about these secrets by being the BIG ME You don't walk around and say: I am the BIG ME 19

20 You are and act like The BIG ME. Because of you, people can see that you are the BIG ME. Just be the BIG ME. People know that you are the BIG ME because you are kind and sincere. Because you like other people and help them to be a BIG YOU. Let's enumerate all the secrets again that I have told: First, there are two I's, the small me and the BIG ME. The second secret is that I can determine whether I am the small me or the BIG I with every thought that I am think with every word I speak, every deed I do and every breath I take. The third secret is how I make the little me disappear. (I just blow it away) The fourth secret is that I can breathe the BIG ME in one breath. The fifth secret is that The BIG ME of the Creator is a companion and friend. Secret number six is ​​that the Creator, my companion and friend is always with me.The last and seventh mystery is that I remember my divinity and perfection. I cannot live without the air nourishing me and making me alive. I cannot be attentive without my spirit and perfection, which are my air. 20th

21 I am connected and with the air I breathe my spirit remembers. The creator is a partner / partner of Das GROSSE ICH. By forgetting to be the BIG ME and the little me slipping in, I take a breath and become The BIG ME again. The GREAT ME is my divinity, my strength, my perfection, my joy, my love and my freedom. 21

22 I hope you enjoyed this story. I want to be the BIG ME. As far as I know, I can only be happy, joyful and successful when I am The BIG ME. I know that I can't help others when I'm the little one. When I am the BIG ME, all the people around me are happy and their BIG ME. And then I am happy and glad. Big me or small me, which one should it be? 22nd

23 Epilogue. I invented a new word: Perfectoppi. This word is a combination of perfection and opportunity (opportunity for change). I explain with an example: if we have a strong emotional reaction (positive or negative) to a person or a situation, then we are in perfectoppi. We have a perfect opportunity or change to decide from the point of view of Das GROSSE ME. Every challenge is a golden change to practice Perfectoppi. In other words: every challenge we face we have acquired through the law of attraction in order to create the opportunity for perfect development. We take 100% responsibility for our choices. These perfectoppies are our greatest opportunities for development, growth and determination. This education enables us to live a sincere life. Life makes a righteous life that life is experienced from the perspective of The BIG ME. Perfectoppi: Perfection Opportunity Enlightenment Perfection. 23