Why do different schools have different uniforms

What is the motivation behind school uniforms? Why can't my daughter wear a damn princess on her shirt? [closed]

I actually liked my school's uniform.

Sure, it was Brazil, and like almost everything else out there, Brazil did its thing in weird ways. My school was an even more special case than the damn best public schools in the state - and one of the best in the country.

It was something like this:

All children except those in the senior year had to wear the uniform. However:

  • The school shirt came in a variety of rainbow colors, from official black to blood red to golden yellow and lime green. Name a color, there was a shirt in that color. These shirts came in four designs - normal, polo, sleeveless and cropped (yes. A cropped top) - all with the school sign on the chest.
  • For the lower part, one could choose the school's pants or shorts, for both men and women. Women also had the option of yoga-like pants and shorts. They were always jet black.
  • There was also a unisex school jacket and a unisex school coat, both in the official school color again - jet black, with white trimmings and the school sign on the chest.

The schools in Brazil are through different Parties separated - Groups of students are held together. This is an official arrangement - you were in all classes with the same colleagues all year round. This created a family-like bond between the students, which made the senior year even more special.

Last year your party was able to design and order a special, bespoke uniform that could be used as a replacement for the regular uniform. The jacket of these custom uniforms had the party number and the student's name on the back. The shirts and pants had special embellishments all around that made it clear that you were an older student. Girls also have a matching fitness set with sports bra and leggings in the same design and in the same colors.

This made the uniform special. It wasn't oppressive to use in our school - it was a reason to Proud . Unpacking your senior uniform for the first time was an incredible experience.

At least for us, the uniform helped a lot. Yes, it suppresses "individuality" a bit. But the hell with that - we saw each other as a family, as equals. It has helped us connect and focus on what matters most to other people - who they were and not what they were drawn to.

Therefore, every single student at that school who graduated from high school was given a free pass to university.

Did the uniform help? I'm not sure. From all that I could experience, it was like that.

But Brazil is weird here too.