How can I make origami with money


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Level of difficulty

The heart is the ultimate symbol for love. So it is only natural to add a message from the heart to a gift of money. You can find out here how to fold a banknote so that it looks like a heart. Such a money heart is a real all-rounder and can be integrated into many beautiful craft ideas for your money gift.

Download Here you will find detailed instructions as a download with graphic illustration.
That's how it works:
Step 1

Now fold the bill in half lengthways. Now fold the bill vertically in half. The resulting crease is opened again, it serves as a guide for the next step.

step 2

2. The two edges are now folded up with a valley fold. Orientate yourself on the middle fraction.

step 3

In order to preserve the upper curves of the heart, the corners are bent back using a mountain fold. The resulting tips are also folded back.

Tighten all the folds so that the heart will keep its shape later.

Have fun doing handicrafts!

Editor's tip: This heart can be folded from any banknote, but it will vary in size accordingly. It can be perfectly integrated into many gift ideas, such as the engraved label for the hollow bottle.

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