What is the point of the eyeliner

Eyeliner and kohl: what's the difference?

Eyeliner and kohl both emphasize the eyes and are always confused. But how exactly do the two products differ? Learn more about kohl and eyeliner and how to use both here.

Kajal - the more subtle variant

In contrast to eyeliner, a kohl is constructed like a conventional pencil with a colored lead, usually in a shaft made of wood. In contrast to eyeliner, you can draw softer lines with kohl. As a rule, the kohl pencil is mainly used to emphasize the lower and upper edges of the eyelids. To do this, the paint is applied to the inner edge of the eyelid, on the so-called water line.

However, you can also draw a classic eyeliner with kohl to emphasize the upper lashes. Make-up tip for the inexperienced: The eyeliner with a kohl is easier than with an eyeliner and is easier to correct. The pen should always be well-sharpened. Use a special sharpener for kohl pencils, not a simple pencil sharpener. This would make the kohl too pointed.

Eyeliner for precise eyeliner

In contrast to the kajal, the eyeliner is not a classic pencil, but rather a brush tip with which liquid color is applied. This tip is usually combined in the form of a pen with a kind of cartridge. However, eyeliner is also available in other forms, for example as a brush in combination with a small color pot from which the color is absorbed or in a form similar to mascara with a brush tip instead of a brush.

Depending on your skill level, you can use the liquid or gel variant (geliner) of your eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to apply than gel eyeliner due to the small brush. The latter is less filigree and intense. Liquid color, on the other hand, ensures precise and color-intensive accentuation of the eyes. Before using liquid liner, you should practice enough. In return, the eyeliner looks more precise and expressive. So it's worth practicing.

Expressive look thanks to eyeliner

Eyeliner is used to draw a line on the upper lash line. The line is harder and emphasizes the eyes more than a kohl. Therefore, some practice is required to apply. Mistakes are much more noticeable with eyeliner than with kohl. In case you need to adjust eyeliner, try removing the color with a damp cotton swab.

Choosing the right eyeliner

With liquid eyeliner or geliner, you have different colors and different brushes to choose from. The following applies here: the thicker the brush, the wider the eyeliner. However, drawing the eyeliner is easier with a wide brush than a thin one.

How to draw the perfect eyeliner with eyeliner

Before applying the eyeliner, the eyelid must be clean and free of grease. A special eyeliner base provides additional hold for the color.

When drawing the eyeliner, a steady hand and a calm eye are important: the eye remains loosely closed. If the eyelid is cramped, the eyeliner will be uneven and unclean. With one finger you can also tighten your eyelid slightly and keep it steady. However, do not pull too hard on the skin, as this distorts the shape of the eyeliner.

Now apply the eyeliner directly to the lash line. In this way you avoid unsightly gaps that become visible when you open your eyes.

Inexperienced people should start with the application in the middle of the eyelid and draw an even line to the outer corner of the eye. Try to draw the line up above the outer corner of your eye. If the line goes down or straight, the look can quickly appear sad or tired. Then the line can be completed from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the eye. If necessary, you can retrace the already drawn eyeliner and thus intensify it. Make sure that you work properly here!

It is important that the eyeliner is not applied too far down on the outer corner of the eye. Otherwise the look quickly looks sad or tired. The inner corner of the eye serves as an orientation point for the eyeliner curve. Draw an imaginary line between the inner and outer corner of the eye. The eyeliner should not be applied below this line.

Before opening the eye, the liquid eyeliner must dry, otherwise the color may blur.

The correct order of eyeliner and eye shadow

In what order should you apply the eyeliner and eyeshadow? Professionals recommend first applying the eyeliner and then emphasizing the eye with the appropriate eyeshadow. Be careful not to cover the eyeliner with the powder.

Shelf life of eyeliner

In the case of cosmetics that are applied to the eye, particular attention should be paid to hygiene, as otherwise diseases and inflammations of the visual organ can ensue. Therefore, clean your brushes regularly and be careful not to use the eyeliner past its expiration date.