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How to use Facebook Messenger for sales

15 Facebook Messenger is still largely underestimated as a sales channel. Facebook itself speaks of having only implemented 1% of what they intend to do with Messenger.

In an interview with the social media doctor Sebastian Riehle, we talk about a number of questions and possibilities relating to Facebook Messenger.

In this episode

  • you will find out what advantages Messenger has in store for your social media strategy
  • Sebastian tells us how you can use Messenger as a sales channel
  • let's talk about building customer relationships via messenger

If you're wondering how you can increase the interactions on your posts, this episode also has a few tips for you. Join us on this exciting topic, on which Sebastian has brought a wealth of insider knowledge with him.

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How can you use Facebook Messenger for your social media strategy?

During the lunch break, in an interview with Sebastian Riehle from Social Media Doctor, I discuss the topic of messengers on Facebook and how we can use it to win customers.

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Especially when starting an online marketing strategy - or a pure online business - many feel overwhelmed by the abundance of necessary tools, systems and social media channels. Often the budget that can be used for marketing measures is also limited.

Facebook Messenger is also interesting for those who are still at the very beginning of their online marketing campaigns. Even without a landing page, newsletter marketing or a website, you can quickly test a new idea or present your offer via Facebook.

The Facebook Messenger offers enormous potential for your marketing

For me, Facebook is the platform

  • on which I show my expertise
  • through which I increase my visibility
  • and where I get subscribers to my email list

I then use my email list to sell my products and services.

A quick look at email marketing and the numbers that go with it: The average newsletter open rate is between 20 and 40 percent, depending on how big your email list is. In contrast, the open rate of messenger messages is almost 100 percent.

Much more important than the opening rate, however, is the response and click rate, says the expert. For messages via the messenger, the click rate is sometimes over 50 percent. And the number of those who reply to a messenger message is also many times higher than that of e-mail addressees.

What are the advantages of communicating via Facebook Messenger?

Easy contact

The messenger is firmly integrated into the Facebook page. I can start a conversation with just one click. This can be the answer to a question or the first contact with a prospect. An extensive sales talk can then be continued very easily in person on the phone.

More personal communication

There are still people who are very reluctant to respond to and comment on contributions. As soon as you continue the conversation with a fan via Messenger, you can address their questions and needs in a much more personal manner. To do this, select the answer option “Write a personal message” and a public discussion will turn into a private conversation. This promotes the building of trust.

Individual customer service

If you have learned more about the questions and needs of your fans in a direct exchange of messages, you can later send them a link to an interesting article or offer from you in a simple and direct way.

Long waiting times in telephone loops are also a thing of the past with Messenger. The customer contacts you via the messenger and you answer promptly and personally.

Marketing tool

I integrated Messenger into my launch strategy and on my Facebook page I encouraged people to ask myself questions about my new course. I announced that the replies will be via a private message. So that nobody feels harassed, I strongly recommend that you communicate this very clearly and openly.

If you've wondered why Messenger suddenly pops up when you visit a Facebook page, let's take a look at the settings you can make to activate or deactivate this function.

To do this, go to "Settings" on your Facebook page - "Messages" general part and Messenger greeting - and click the field for the live chat.

Where and how can you integrate the messenger in order to use it for your communication?


This is particularly advantageous in the mobile view, because you cannot overlook the button there. For example, you can select "Write a message" here.

Messenger link

The messenger link is perfect for inviting interested parties from your landing page who have questions about your offer directly to the messenger. This makes it extremely easy for the visitor to contact you with just one click.

The messenger link is always structured according to the same principle:

QR code

With the messenger code you can create a QR code that you can use for your analogue print materials, e.g. on flyers, postcards or the invoice.

You can get the messenger code by logging into your Facebook page as admin and calling up your mailbox. It is important that you use the old mailbox or switch to it.

At the bottom right click on the "i" and you can download the messenger code.

You can also only assign tags in the old mailbox. I use this function, for example, to tag questions that I can't answer yet and regularly check here to see if I can offer solutions.

I also tag cooperation inquiries here and sort my mailbox in this way.


Much of the content shared over the Internet is not shared publicly, but via private channels such as e-mail, WhatsApp or messenger. These so-called "dark socials" do not appear in any of your statistics on Google Analytics.

So install a messenger share button on your website and include it at every point where you ask your visitors to follow you on social media.

As an entrepreneur, how can you use Messenger effectively?

Communication is the be-all and end-all on Facebook, but as an entrepreneur you cannot be on the platform 24 hours a day.

For example, I used to work with instant messaging. I answered every message with a short text about saved replies. In this you can indicate certain opening times of your office or thank you for contacting us. A hint that you will get in touch within 24 hours is sufficient here as the first answer.

I now work with a messenger bot that initiates the first steps in communication. Many people are still confused by this and at first do not know what to do. If I find that there is no response to the bot message, I manually send one of my saved replies to the prospect. The text then reads: “Hello, first name, how can I help you? Kind regards, Katrin ”.

The second saved answer, which I send most often, is aimed at questioners whom I have directed to my blog and the corresponding content. Then the text reads: “By the way - PS - it would be great if you rate me on Facebook.” I will send the link that leads to my rating page.

I also use saved answers for regularly asked questions. So you can simplify your everyday life a little.

Should you sell on Messenger?

I have already mentioned it in various places and in other podcast episodes, Facebook is not a sales platform! What about the messenger if you want to use it to market your products?

Sebastian also advises thinking long-term and using communication via messenger to strengthen your brand. You can of course sprinkle occasional promotional offers, but you should focus on conveying valuable content and customer loyalty.

What other options do you have to use Messenger?


You can organize competitions to support your social media strategy. One of the conditions of participation can then be to send you a message via the messenger. This participation is not public for the user, which also creates trust with some people.

Distribute freebies

Instead of subscribing to your newsletter on the website, you can offer a freebie for those who send you a message via the messenger. This gives you permission to send messages to the fan without using a double opt-in procedure.

Place advertisements

I take this point as a small preview of the various possibilities to use the messenger. I don't want to go into more detail today.

For larger promotions or placed advertisements, you should take a look at the automation options via the messenger bots. You can use autoresponders to send a series of ready-made short messages to interested parties and only join the sales talks personally at a later point in time. More about the messenger bots and external tools will follow in another podcast episode.

Starting in November, Sebastian has a course on the subject of "Messenger, advertisements for the messenger and also bots" and will show you how to work with it step by step. You can register for the waiting list (via his bot 😉, of course):

Conclusion and recommendation

Whether you start with the messenger or set up a bot directly, first define your goal. It doesn't make sense to use Messenger just because everyone around you is doing it or because the hype about it is so big.

My call-to-action for you: Get to know the possibilities of using the messenger in a playful way and get to know the communication behavior of your fans first.

I noticed that people with whom I communicated via Messenger comment much more often on posts on my page than before. This shows that the more personal contact helps you to ensure more interactions on your side and thus increase your reach.

How about you - do you already use Messenger? Then I am curious to see what experiences you have had with it and what strategy you are using. Write it to me in the comments.

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