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An encouragement from Joyce Meyer | Reading time: 3 minutes

At some point I posted the following sentence on Facebook: “God is not angry with you!” The response to it was overwhelming. In just a few hours, thousands reacted to make sure I meant that statement.


God has good thoughts about you. But what do you think about God?

Because of my personal relationship with God and the many conversations with others, I have understood how many people believe that God is angry with them. Some are even firmly convinced of it.

But where does this conviction come from? Perhaps from your own parents, who had expectations that were too high? Maybe because of rejection? Perhaps something like that was even preached in church? Wherever this mistaken belief in an evil God comes from, I would like to oppose it with a few truths from the Word of God, so that you can be absolutely sure that God is not angry with you!

Myth 1 "God will never accept me for who I am"

The Bible speaks of sin, betrayal, and immorality of all kinds. But it also tells of God's amazing grace and love. The heroes of faith we valued were people like us. Sometimes they failed miserably and yet God gave them his unconditional love, accepted them as they were, forgave them and was gracious to them. It was his love that made such a close relationship with him possible in the first place. From that relationship they got the strength to do great things. I believe that we too are accepted by God as we are. Just like our biblical role models.


Yes, God will never hold sin right, but He loves sinners and He will help us change our lives for the better.

Joyce Meyer

For years I lived with a vague fear that God would be angry with me. But thank God I have learned over the years how passionately he loves me and now I know that God is not angry with me. He doesn't care about things I did or didn't do; he cares about me because he loves me so infinitely.

Myth 2 "I don't do enough for God"

We did a survey among our employees and wanted to know what they are most worried about in their life with Jesus. The most common answer was, "How do I know I'm doing enough for God?"

Those who are perfectionist are tyrannized by their imperfection. You constantly have the nagging feeling that you haven't done something well enough or haven't been good enough. Thoughts like “I should pray more, read the Bible more often and be more friendly” are then not alien to one. We want to please God utterly and are afraid of failure. Ultimately, we believe that God is angry with us for failing to meet our own expectations.

But it is not perfection that paves the way to God for us. Jesus was once asked by some people what they had to do to please God. His answer was: "Believe in him whom he sent" (John 6:29). This is often much too easy for us. But God wants us to trust him and believe his word. Not more.


So you can stop striving for perfection, because with that you cannot earn God's love and affection - both are a gift!

Joyce Meyer

Myth 3 "My father was always angry with me, so is God"

Often times, if someone had a irascible father, it is not uncommon for them to think that God is irascible as well. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who had a great father, but unfortunately for many it is not the case.

Each of us needs to feel safe. But children who had a father who was either irascible or seldom at home or who even acted on them miss the feeling of security. They keep thinking that something bad is about to happen or some kind of danger is imminent.

But God is not like that. If your father wasn't there for you, you can be sure that God will never leave you. If your Father abused you or was irascible, your Heavenly Father will want to reimburse you twice (see Isaiah 61: 7).

No matter how bad your father was, don't let it ruin your life. Choose to believe that your Heavenly Father is faithful and loves you beyond measure.

Myth 4 "God cannot forgive me at all"

Satan remembers everything we have ever done wrong and he does everything in his power to remind us as often as possible. He wants us to break down under the weight of our guilt.

We all sin and fail before God. No one is without sin and we all feel guilty from time to time. But when all of these guilty feelings remain even after we have been forgiven, it becomes a feeling of shame. Guilt and shame lead us to believe that God is angry with us. That is why we avoid his proximity and do not live the way he intended us to.

It is important to know that God forgives us completely, not just partially - He forgives us completely! Think for a moment about the worst thing you've ever done. If you have confessed it to God, then one thing is certain: He has fully and completely forgiven you. In 1 John 1: 9 we read:

But when we confess our sins, God shows himself to be faithful and righteous: He forgives us our sins and cleanses us from all injustices that we have committed.

The Bible: 1 John 1: 9

God's goodness is greater than any bad thing we've ever done or will do. Be completely relaxed and let this knowledge become a source of joy for your soul!

Myth 5 "God punishes me"

When problems arise, some believe that God is punishing them for doing something wrong in the past. I then hear statements like: “I had a miscarriage and I wonder if God is punishing me for my previous lifestyle.” Such statements make it clear how wrong our image of God is. He does not punish us for past sins by making bad things happen in our lives.

Our problems are not a sign that God is angry with us! We live in this world and Jesus says that we will experience difficult things here too. But he also urges us to rejoice because he has overcome the world (see John 16:33).

If we keep a positive attitude and hold on to the fact that God means well for us even in times of suffering and need, we will not lose our joy.

Every difficulty I faced has helped me cope better with the next. God is faithful. Trust him even in difficult times.

Joyce Meyer

God is not mad at you

If God weren't so gracious, he would actually be mad at us. Then every sin would have to be atoned for by us, because God is holy. We would have to make sacrifices to pay for our sin. But because he is gracious to us, he himself provided for the sacrifice by giving his son his life for us. Jesus took the punishment that should have befallen us because of our sins. Instead of giving us what we deserve, he offers to care for us and to bless us.

When you understand how great his grace is, his willingness to forgive, his kindness and his unconditional love, then you also know that he is gracious to you and in no way angry. I can assure you: no matter what you've done in life or whatever wrong ideas you have internalized about God, God will never stop loving you. God is not mad at you!

From: Joyce Meyer Magazin December 2013

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