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Are you looking for individual glasses that meet all your needs? Then the Augenglanz collection is just right for you. This differs from all the others in the following points: All 20 basic models in 20 different colors have the technical innovation of the internal milling. This simplifies the cleaning of the glasses, intensifies the luminosity and reduces the weight. Each model can also be made to measure, for example with special head widths, bridge of the nose, interpupillary distances, etc. You should now be interested in the Augenglanz collection at the latest ... Take a look at our website Augenglanz.chso that your eyes make “eyes”!

Enjoy the Parisian chic with the latest models from FACE A FACE.

With attention to detail, FACE A FACE creates a unique combination of color, shape and design. The typical French style for everyday life rolled into one.

Exclusively in your Solothurn cityscape.

From the classic to the current top label, there is a lot available for you. Discover also the fine rarities from top designers and the most creative manufacturers. We'll show you tomorrow's fashion today! “Lädele desired” is the motto.

Sunglasses purely as sun protection - that was in the past. Today we will surprise you with top fashion sunglasses for every purpose.

You will be amazed what we can offer you. We are real specialists when it comes to combining the right glasses with the needs of the wearer.

Simple and ingenious ... the correction clip from evil eye. With a simple click, your evil eye becomes corrective sports glasses with the exact thickness of your lens. You also have the option of inserting your prescription lenses directly into the glasses frame. Choose the lens color depending on your intended use. Let us advise you. You will be enthusiastic!

We have been successfully producing special glasses for golf since 2002. In optical terminology, these are so-called "edge filters". These special glasses increase the contrast between black and white extremely. For the golfer, it means a visible increase in the quality of the contrast on the green. Bet you've never put the putts as good as you did with these high-contrast lenses.

Every shot a hit! Sure, the only question is where on the disk. Trust our shooting experts and the next "Chranz" is in sight. We take time for your concerns. It is best to reserve your appointment outside of the official opening times for lunch.

Don't forget to bring your shooting glasses and rifle with you to the appointment so that we can check the correct optical measurement.

Would you like a day off with glasses? Or to be able to wear beautiful sunglasses without corrective lenses? Then contact lenses are just the thing. Today's variety of products offers a suitable solution for almost everyone. In order to find the right lens for you, you need a serious preliminary clarification of your eye data. This is critical to long-lasting, healthy lens wear. Have we piqued your interest? Then don't hesitate and give us a call for a non-binding consultation. We look forward to you!

Would you like to organize your everyday life without glasses and contact lenses despite corrections? We have a possible solution for you:
Let yourself be inspired by night lenses. As specialists in this unique correction option, we have a great deal of experience in adapting it. You wear night lenses to sleep at night, in the morning you can remove the lens and see clearly all day without additional aids. Corrections up to approx. -4.50dpt nearsightedness and astigmatism up to approx. -3.00dpt can be completely corrected.

As contact lens specialists, we know that lens problems in general should not be taken lightly ... it could easily get in the eye. Unfortunately we see far too often that contact lens wearers come to the specialist far too late. A regular lens / eye check is essential.

A serious lens / eye check takes at least 30 minutes. Take your time! Your eyes will thank you.

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Milanka Milojevic

Optician, glasses designer

Daniela Adam Zimmermann

Graduate optician SHFA

Carole Kaufmann


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