Is there a John Gruber for Microsoft

Windows 8: Poor evidence of problems

Good heavens, today the bad news about Windows 8 is piling up: Intel's CEO Paul Otellini (pictured) is said to have told a small group of employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 was not yet finished. Worse, the system will still contain bugs when it hits the market on October 26th. But that is the right way, Otellini is said to have said. You can submit updates later.

Around the same time, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer met investors and developers at a small meeting in San Francisco. John Gruber from Daring Fireball describes the picnic as “hands-off”, analogous to the “hands-ons” that are actually common with bloggers and journalists. Ballmer showed them the "Surface" during his presentation, but Microsoft's own tablet was missing in the later test round. Furthermore, Ballmer did not want to answer the question of when and at what price it would come on the market.

Absolutely reliable source?

Is there more? Yes, there is more! A first update for Windows 8 could only come in a year, writes the "Standard". Analysts would recommend an earlier date. And ZDNet reports that Microsoft only has a little more than 2,000 apps in its own store a month before the planned start. Oh come on, I can now go one better myself: The new Windows Phone 8 mobile system also doesn't seem to be ready for a long time. The first Windows Phones from HTC will not come onto the market until November, and an official launch date for WP8 has not yet been announced here either. And now the iPhone 5 is already available, the iPad mini will definitely come this fall. Microsoft is investing billions in marketing for Windows 8 alone, and now this! Windows 8 will flop, Windows Phone 8 anyway. Microsoft is finished. Correct? Correct??

I don't know Maybe that's really true. Perhaps the message about Intel boss Otellini comes from an unknown employee who does not want to be named. The Apple-friendly rumor magazine Bloomberg found it somewhere in Taiwan. And we don't find out more specific information about the type and size of the errors in the Bloomberg article, but instead an ancestral gallery of Microsoft's failures in the past, keyword Vista. Well, if that's not proof ...

Love letters to Apple

John Gruber, who called Ballmer's meeting “hands-off”, wrote several very perfumed love letters in the past few days in the direction of Apple and the new iPhone. Should he do it, but how objective can his opinion of Microsoft still be? The “Standard” cleverly mixes the message about the update called “Blue” in a year with the message about analysts advising earlier updates to fix the most urgent bugs. It reads like Microsoft is leaving gaping vulnerabilities untreated for a year. Anyone who is annoyed about the latest Windows patches every week today can confidently furrow their foreheads here. No Windows updates for a year? Very unlikely.

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And only 2,000 native apps? Can be, can not be. However, it must also be mentioned that practically any software that is currently running for Windows 7 can still be installed on Windows 8. And since the more than 100,000 apps for Windows Phone should be relatively easy to adapt to Windows 8 as well, the app problem should not remain one for long.

And then finally the complainers about missing prices and practical tests would be thrown a “so what?” Afterwards: Microsoft has chosen October 26 as the start date and invited the assembled press to events related to the device the evening before. Where is it written that you have to finish it a month earlier, quote prices and have the assembled team tested? Truth Day for Redmond is October 26th. And speaking of finished software: What was it like with Apple's own maps feature? Perhaps not as bad as claimed, software that only gets better over time with the cooperation of the users. But ready for the market launch? But not for a long time. Nobody is talking about that today, of course.

Update: Original heading changed because it was misleading