What is your favorite stitch

My personal appliqué stitch!

There is probably no stitch that I use more often than my personal appliqué stitch. 3 mm wide, 0.25 mm long, sewing is done with thread tension 0.75. With my old machine I had to adjust this stitch every time. Press a little for the stitch width, press a little more often for the correct stitch length and then turn the thread tension. Then I could start sewing.

The 580 is smart. If you wish, it can remember all of my favorite stitches. And it's very easy. Set your favorite stitch and then press the laughing heart:

Now also press the SAVE symbol:

Then click on SAVE again - that's it!

If you want to call up the stitch again, first press the laughing heart again, then the zigzag symbol.

Your personal favorite stitch will appear here or, if you have programmed several, a larger selection will of course appear here.

Very nice, this feature. I have a little more time to apply again!

Kind regards and see you soon


Claudia Geiser