Sometimes eat with your hands

Why eating with your hands can be something very beautiful

Do your children like to eat with their hands? Do you stop them sometimes?
I'll tell you why I think eating with my hands is actually really cool. And Béa too ...

In many cultures people eat with their hands. There is nothing wrong with that. Every culture is different. For the Asian region, which eats with chopsticks, it is barbaric to simply “spear” the food with a fork. We feel most comfortable in the area that we know.

I am currently on vacation with my mother and sister in Morocco.

Since I haven't been here for a long time, there is a lot that struck me. It is of course no secret that other cultures also bring other customs with them. And in addition to the culinary dishes, the eating habits also differ.

Eating from a "plate"

Here in Morocco, some traditional dishes are eaten without a fork or knife. You may know the tagine, that triangular stewing vessel in which food is partially cooked and primarily served.

The family sits together and everyone eats from the tagine. Of course not everyone is messed up, but everyone has their own corner and works their way up the mountain. For western culture this may seem very unusual and perhaps unsanitary, but I have to say that eating together from a “plate” has something very communal about it. Everyone is sitting close together in a circle, eating and talking. It is nice!

Eating with your hands

There are all kinds of finger foods that we are not afraid to touch. We eat pizza with our hands, reach for fries and also pick up greasy chicken wings.

But what if I tell you you can eat couscous with your hands?

How can you eat that with your hands?

Very easily. By simply taking it in your hand and eating. At first I was very uncomfortable because I had this wet mush in my hand. I constantly felt the need to wash my hands with a kitchen towel. But after a short time I realized that it wasn't that strange at all. Once you've got it, you can form little balls and eat them. However, couscous is a bad example as it is actually more likely to be eaten with a fork.

The most famous dish that is only eaten by hand is the tagine (named after the vessel) and is eaten with bread. You tear off a piece of bread and dip it into the dish with vegetables and meat. The bread does not come into direct contact with the food,

Be sure to wash your hands before eating.

Since people eat with their hands here in Morocco, a rehearsed washing ritual applies beforehand. Children are encouraged to wash their hands before eating, adults of course not anymore. You just do it, whether you will use your hands or not.

Eating with hands is cool!

I really have to tell you that I enjoy these evenings when we all sit together at a table and eat with our hands. I feel left out and relaxed there. We don't follow any etiquette - we sit with a hunched back and eat with our hands. I feel safe when I eat.

My babysitter child likes to eat spaghetti with his little patschies. Although I encourage him to use the fork (especially so that he can get used to it), I now understand his pleasure in it.

If you dare, just give it a try. Imitate a culinary dish or just eat your lunch with your hands.

Best regards,


P.S. Von Béa: When I was visiting friends in Bangalore, India, and we were eating, the family only took me to a few places that I found overpriced and stiff ... Not until I told them that this didn't quite go with mine The idea of ​​India matched, they confessed to me that they were ashamed to take me to the places where you eat with your hands. Then when I wished I could go there and eat with my hands, they were relieved. And I had a lot of fun. It was also delicious, much more delicious than in the western-style restaurants.

There was only one thing I had to learn through pain: After eating spicy food by hand, washing your hands with soap is unfortunately not enough to rub an eye!