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Eight long years have passed since the commercially most successful German punk rock band released their latest album AUCH. On October 23rd, the successor HELL will appear (finally!), Which will be discussed in detail in the big ME interview. We wanted to take the new record by Farin Urlaub, Bela B and Rod González and the more than 33 years of band history as an opportunity to take another look at which top 5 songs by Die Ärzte you voted for your favorites two years ago. Curtain up for your 50 favorite songs from Die Ärzte (imaginary drum roll)!

(Texts by Oliver Götz)

Editor's recommendation

1st place: "cry for love" (1993)

Yes, it was clearly jewesen. Your hit. The big return song that not only made it clear that Die (new) doctors are now actually punk rock, but above all made a clear political statement against (neo) Nazis. Xenophobic attacks such as in Rostock-Lichtenhagen and Solingen in 1992 tipped the balance and suddenly turned the great fun band of the 80s into a socio-politically serious rock institution. But people also tend to forget how funny this song is to this day, with the chamber music strings to Bela's super sensitive bridge ("Because you're scared of cuddling, you're a fascist") and the most liberating abuse in all of German pop history: “Asshole!” Climbed to ninth place in the German single charts - despite a broad radio boycott. (In the course of the “Aktion Arschloch”, 1st place was finally due in 2015!)

2nd place: "Too late" (1984)

The doctors - huge Buddy Holly fans, especially Farin - created a rather late, but not too late rock and roll classic in the German and GDR pop history, which is pretty poor in rock and roll classics. Also classic is the content from the old "Jealousy meets desire for revenge and the two forge a diabolical plan" - school. Over the years, the song has become the big chameleon among Die-Ärzte songs, and Farin Urlaub varies key text details from concert to concert. And Bela and Rods diaphragms know, uh, how to sing their own songs about it.

3rd place: "Westerland" (1988)

On July 9th, 1988 the last curtain fell in the Kursaal of Westerland on Sylt, a final, albeit almost endless concert with many illustrious colleagues in the audience marked the (provisional) end of this band. Farin and Bela want to go on solo. The fact that this historic appearance takes place on the Geldadel-Eiland Sylt, of all places, was thanks to this piece, which was actually dedicated to "Helgoland" as the original demo, but even in this version (contained in the SEITENHIRSCH box) nothing more than a pure surfing Was hit.

4th place: "Rebel" (1999)

Wikipedia says: “Thematically he turns (the song) rebellious behavior towards one's fellow men in the youth phase ”. We hope that we will also speak in the spirit of The Doctors when we initiate a petition here for the deletion of the passage “in the youth phase”. When it comes to this song, Farin Urlaub has no joke, it is a creed: “Nobody has the right to tell me what to do”. Recommended for imitation at any age!

5th place: "Young" (2007)

THE compositional and lyrical masterpiece of the late Farin Urlaub. Even if everyone agreed that in 2007, legal guardians hardly make hell for the offspring because of torn jeans, dyed hair and too loud music. But this nothing but passionate refrain and above all the wonderfully pictorially depicted petty bourgeoisie around "Dieter" with "his own car", "Uncle Werner's" "workshop" and the parental career ideas of a "permanent position" and "own practice" make "Junge" a pretty great monument to German middle class history. You think so too.

Editor's recommendation

6th place: "Unrockbar" (2003)

Here the doctors demonstrate what they could and can do particularly well, especially after their reunification: Almost hit-and-run, also professionally silly stanzas meet official refrains, so that it cracks and rattles. With the big “Unrockbar” there are a few additional wild songwriting and arrangement ideas, until it almost becomes a small (heavy) rock opera. You can still hear it 100 times and you have to shake your head every time - in one direction (What do doctors allow?) Or another (Now finally start to bang!).

7th place: "How it works" (2000)

The lead single from the INVISIBLE. The video with the sport boat (and the Rolls Royce and the clay pigeon shooting - WTF ?!). From a band that has obviously heard too much (or just enough) 90s US punk rock from NOFX and the like. And including a confession from Farin, who usually likes to have a big mouth, but doesn't really know how to say "I love you". Very touching.

8th place: "Your debt" (2003)

Although, according to general opinion, GERÄUSCH is not exactly one of their best albums, the next single from this double album is already in the top ten. Musically more of a band-typical punk rock standard, but the (pubs -?) Choir in the chorus has long since become a (textbook) classic in the fields of moral courage and an understanding of democracy: “It's not your fault that the world is as it is - it's only your fault if it stays that way. "

Editor's recommendation

9th place: "½ Lovesong" (1998)

The big appearance of the probably best musician in this band: Rod González plays the big rock ballad, you wait for any gag here for free. Why Meat Loaf never covered this piece, only Meat Loaf knows.

10th place: "Himmelblau" (2007)

Unfortunately it never became the big hit that this melody actually deserved. If there is still an argument next spring to crawl out of his bear den back into the world out there, then it is (once again) this song - right?

11th place: "Schunder-Song" (1995)

The little brother of “cry for love”, if you will. Here, too, the doctors are of the clear opinion that one should not always meet the rough lumps and brutal dull cheeks in our world with understanding and Christian cheek contents. (The ska part of the piece is of course still a matter of taste, even after more than 20 years.)

12th place: "Teenage Love" (1983)

A good trick: The doctors of the early 80s are actually all the boys who have always had a crush on the great girls - but in songs like “Teenager Love” they tried to keep an ironic or even silly distance to it. But since the girls noticed back then how seriously these romantic boys really mean it, the doctors were a downright girls band back then.

13th place: "Der Graf" (1998)

The most serious, also a very melancholy song from a long series of horror characters songs by, well, "Graf" Bela. Even if the piece really crashes in the chorus, a (bloody) tear remains in the buttonhole of our floor-level coachman's coat.

14th place: "A pig called men" (1998)

Let's put it this way: not necessarily the favorite song of Berliners today - their big number one hit. But just an unbeatable radio melody, almost has Abba qualities, the thing. And the text remains a universal truth even 20 years later!

15th place: "Hurray" (1995)

And the next piece by PLANET PUNK. Once this song has rubbed in, it's unstoppable. Especially live! THE Die-Ärzte number where you stay forever 12 or 14 or 16 and a half because of us.

16th place: "Elke" (1988)

You only write something bad when you are a good deal younger. Something funny but also: “It looked like a pizza, it was wonderfully beautiful.” Also musically the most violent (metal-rocking) piece by Die Ärzte before the reunification.

17th place: "Lasse redn" (2007)

The song that sounds like programmed directly into the solo entertainer keyboard. Moan. But even ten years later there is absolutely nothing wrong with the message and the sing-along chorus.

18th place: "Close your eyes" (1993)

Finally a piece that doesn't appear in all the usual best-songs-of-the-doctors-lists, sweet romantics! (Is this actually the template for Bausa's gruesome hit "What you call love"?)

19th place: "2000 girls" (1987)

Of course, like some things from the 80s, it sounds much better in the SINTFLUT version. Is about stalking. Still, it is mostly sung by at least 2000 girls.

20th place: "Please Please" (1988)

Okay, the participants in this survey are obviously no longer afraid of the 80s. Here, Die Ärzte sounds like a mixture of Depeche Mode, Rammstein and "Otto - the film". But you have to know. (And you are more!)

21st place: "Upside Down to Hell "(1993)

22nd place: "My baby was at the hairdresser's "(1996)

23rd place: "Alone in the night" (1987)

24th place:"Monster Party" (2002)

25th place: "Sibling love" (1986)

... may not ...

Rank 26: "Nothing in the world" (2003)

Rank 27: "Friedenspanzer" (1993)

28th place: "A summer just for me" (2000)

29th place: "El Cattivo" (1984)

30th place: "Sometimes women" (2000)

31st place: "Radio is on fire" (1987)

32nd place: "Sweet Gwendoline" (1986)

33rd place: "You want to kiss me" (1985)

Rank 34: "Ignorama" (1998)

Rank 35: "Like on the first day" (1986)

36th place: "Buddy Holly’s glasses" (1985)

37th place: "Flowers" (1988)

38th place: "Paul" (1984)

39th place: "Is that still punk rock?" (2012)

40th place: "Come back" (1988)

41st place: "Is that all?" (1986)

42nd place: "The funny astronaut" (1984)

Rank 43: "Lullaby" (1984)

Rank 44: "Without you" (1988)

45th place: "Just a kiss" (2007)

46th place: "Grace Kelly" (1983)

47th place: "Madonna's Colon" (1988)

48th place: "Mysteryland" (1986)

49th place: "Song of Failure" (2007)

Place 50: "Things from them" (2003)

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