What are the best true horror stories

6 true scary stories from Reddit users

It's that time again: Halloween is just around the corner and it's time for scary stories again. Of course, there are already all threads on Reddit where people share their scariest horror stories and paranormal moments. We found a particularly good Reddit thread that is blooming with terribly scary real-life stories. We have brought together six of them here. The light should maybe stay on tonight ... "I woke up one night because my bed was shaking."
“As a child, I woke up one night because my bed shook. Normally I would be shocked right away, but I was too tired. I just turned on the other side and half asleep mumbled 'stop it'. The bed stopped shaking immediately. I heard a man's voice whispering 'I'm sorry' in my ear. Only then did I freak out. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that our house was haunted back then. ”- NinaLaPirat"Suddenly I heard a noise like someone was tapping the wall of the elevator with their fingers."
“The building where my old office was was renovated. The 3rd and 4th floors were completely blocked. So one day I took the elevator from the 1st to the 6th floor. Suddenly the elevator stopped on the third and the doors opened. It struck me as weird, especially when people were saying that the ghost of a dead child still lives there. So I hit the door-close button as often and as quickly as I could. When the doors were closed, I suddenly heard a noise like someone was tapping the wall of the elevator with their fingers. ”- sizzlorr26

"As soon as I turned off the light on my bedside table, I heard someone pull the drawer out of my dresser."

“I lived with friends in a house that never really felt like home. Every time you walked in, you felt like you were being watched. Both my boyfriend at the time and my roommate worked at night, which meant that I was often alone. At some point I sat on the couch as usual in the evening and watched something on TV. When I wanted to go to bed, I had this strange, oppressive feeling in my stomach, as if I were just not allowed to look down the dark hallway, otherwise something would happen. It was really scary. This fear and the feeling that I was being watched persisted for a long time and I couldn't go to bed for that time. But after two hours I just had to go to sleep. However, I left all the lights on in the hallway. When I get to my room, I go to bed. As soon as I turned off the light on my bedside table, I heard someone pull the drawer out of my dresser. I switched the light on again immediately, but everything was the same. That happened six more times before I just left the lights on for good. I pulled the covers over my head and waited for my boyfriend. ”“ He came home around 3am. He laughed at me for acting like a scared rabbit, went to bed and turned off the light - and then things really started. Door after door slammed shut in the hallway, then our closet doors began to shake. Suddenly it got louder in the closet. It sounded like everything was going to break. My friend pulled the covers over his head too until the noise was over. It took a while before we dared to look into the room. After 10 minutes I was able to convince him to check out the rest of the house. Everything looked the same as before. My roommate was with his family over the weekend, so it couldn't have been him. The rest of the night we slept with the light on - and soon after we moved out too. ”- nomorepumpkins"Suddenly a cold shiver ran down my spine"
“I was sitting in my parents' study doing homework. I was 19 years old then. My older sister had just moved out. The study was hers before. There were two pictures and three framed sayings on the wall. Suddenly a cold shiver ran down my spine. That happens a lot, I'm quite a frostbite. But this time it was worse because all the pictures fell off the wall with the shower. And not just in the study! As I went into the corridor, I saw that all of a sudden all the pictures had fallen from the walls, except for the television, everything that was somewhere was overturned. I then finished my homework in the library. I never told my parents about it. ”- Mac2663"I felt a gust of wind on my neck and nails in my back"
“First of all: I don't actually believe in the supernatural, I'm not religious either. But this time I went to Scotland. It was cold and I had many layers of clothes on and a thick winter jacket. In the evening, my friends and I decided to take part in a tour of the legendary catacombs, which are said to be haunted by the ghosts of the dead who at some point died excruciating deaths there. So we walked with the leader of the tour group through dark, damp corridors until we arrived in a room. My girlfriend and I took a closer look around. I felt a gust of wind on my neck and nails in my back - but nobody was standing behind me. I was in a state of shock. A few minutes later I was able to move again. When we were back in the open air, I ran to the nearest toilet to look at myself in the mirror. I lifted my sweater and had long red scratch marks from my shoulders to my hips. ”- O_Fiddlesticks"While I'm on the phone, he breaks the window ..."
“I was at home alone, my parents drove to see friends over the weekend. We had just moved into the house and hadn't put up any curtains or anything yet. My parents tend to be the kind of people who sometimes leave the garage door open anyway. In any case, I'm sitting on the couch on the weekend in question and watching TV. Suddenly I realize that someone is shaking the door. I immediately mute and listen again, this time more precisely. This time I even see the doorknob moving. I panicked and walk to the landline phone, but it's not on his ward. Then I look for my cell phone, but of course that is not where it should be when you need it. So I run around the whole house - but the whole time this shadow follows me outside because we don't have any curtains yet and you can just see everything. So the guy follows me no matter which room I go to. When I realize this, I run up the stairs. I hear him banging on the front door over and over again. Judging by the sound, he was holding a metal object. He continues to walk around the house and also hits the window panes. Then he goes back to the front door and hits it. His blows keep getting stronger. - I remember how much I hated myself at that moment for just leaving my cell phone lying around like a typical teenager. - But then I remember throwing the phone on my parents' bed earlier. So I run to her room and call the police. While I'm on the phone, the guy outside smashes the window. I'm scared to death and sit down in my parents' closet. At some point I don't hear anything anymore, until after a while the sirens of the blue lights sound. The perpetrator was never caught, but luckily nothing was missing. Since then we have had security guards in the neighborhood. ”- Ladie_Frankenstein