What's in your basement

Finally order in your basement

Who doesn't know the problem: Everything that doesn't find a place at home is banned in the basement. But even this is at some point full to the brim with things that you don't even remember. When the walk to the basement becomes a nuisance because you have to squeeze your way through old cardboard, empty bottles, lawn mowers and sports equipment, it is time to clean out the basement properly! With our seven tips you can restore order and space for new Chrimschrams in your basement.


Be prepared for chaos while clearing out. You have to work through almost the entire basement to be able to judge what you can still use and what the temporal can bless. If you have fewer things in your basement, the whole procedure takes an afternoon, but it can also expand into a weekend project. First empty all drawers, cupboards and shelves and get an overview.

When sorting out, you should sort by categories, put similar things together. For example, you can put all sporting goods or tools together. Check all cardboard boxes or plastic boxes for content, write correctly if necessary and sort them as well. You can then organize more precisely when sorting.

Important: First of all, you should provide rubbish bags, old clothes bags and collection boxes for later disposal. While you are sorting out, you can immediately separate usable from useless things. This makes it easier to organize afterwards and you get more space in your basement. Have you used the item in the past year? Is the object rare, valuable or has an ideal value? If you can answer these questions with no, you can pass it on to someone or dispose of it without a guilty conscience.

Use the time to clear out the clutter right away to thoroughly clean your cellar and the stored things. An ideal opportunity to free the basement floor from dust that may have accumulated over the years.

The things that you have sorted into categories should be stored in the basement according to the same principle. All things for the car such as tires, snow chains or cleaning utensils in one area, the leisure equipment with skateboards, helmets, bike equipment and golf clubs in another area of ​​the basement.

When organizing, take into account which things you need most often. Items that are seldom used can be stored further back or in harder-to-reach places. You only have to take out the winter tires once a year, so they can be stored away (there are certain points to be observed when storing tires, learn more more here. You can also organize your cellar according to the year. So in winter the lawnmower can take a back seat and in summer you don't need the road salt.


Get in the habit of writing down everything you keep in boxes. This saves you the hassle of searching for things. When sorting, use the basic principle that you can see and access everything. To be able to see everything better, it is best to store your things in transparent boxes.

These seven tips should restore order to your basement. We hope we were able to help you a little and motivate you to start clearing out.

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