How is high school in France

High school in France

Your student exchange in "France"

How about that: You can choose to live for three, six or nine months in one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe !? Our neighboring country France is not only known for its zest for life and its culinary delights, it also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture: be it the rough Atlantic coast, lively Paris, impressive alpine scenarios, winding towns, sophisticated castles, picturesque villages, lovely wine landscapes, vast untouched natural landscapes or the sun-drenched Mediterranean region - there is a lot to discover and each region has its own charm!


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The school system in France

After primary school, French students switch to the four-year collège, comparable to lower secondary level. The Lycée follows the next school level at the Collège. It takes three years, leads to the Abitur and thus corresponds to our upper secondary level. Almost 80% of the students continue their school career at one of the more than 2,500 state lycées, 20% attend a private grammar school. With the change to the Lycée, the pupils have the choice between a study-oriented or a job-oriented training. The study-oriented training leads French students to the Baccalauréat (le bac for short), the Abitur. The students can choose between the literary / linguistic Abitur (= bac L, focus on literature, philosophy, foreign languages), the economic Abitur (= bac ES, focus on economics, mathematics, languages), the scientific Abitur (= bac S, focus on mathematics , Biology, physics, chemistry) or the medical-technical branch.

The school year in France

The French school year starts in early September and runs until mid-June. Students have seven weeks vacation during the year. Lessons are given in all-day schools. As a guest student you can choose to attend school in France for twelve weeks, half a school year or a full school year. Those who opt for twelve weeks can start at any time on request. Participants in a half-year program begin their stay either in September or January. The school year program starts with the start of the school year in September.


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