Why is Apple so famous 2

Apple tells a success story that is unique. Everything you need to know about the founders and the products - from the Macintosh to the Air Pods!

  • Apple was founded in 1976 by the Americans Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded in a garage.
  • Innovative products like macintosh, Apple I., iPod, iPhone or the Air pods left the company out Cupertino to become one of the most successful in the world.
  • The one opened in 2008 App Store is one of the world's largest distribution channels for digital products.

Cupertino - Apple is now a synonym for success and the most sought-after technical devices worldwide. The company was founded, its headquarters - the Apple Park - yourself in Cupertino in California Silicon Valley located in 1976 by the three Americans Steve Jobs (56, † 2011), Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. And exactly as a typical Hollywood success story demands: In Steve Jobs 'parents' garage. The three founders knew each other from Homebrew Computer Club, an association for computer enthusiastic hobbyists and, in retrospect, one of the most important melting pots for ambitious computer visionaries.

This is how Apple got its name and the first logo

When the "AppleComputers Inc.“Was founded, it was a fraud Seed capital only $ 1,300. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak each held 45 percent of the company, Ron Wayne 10 percent. But shortly after founding (namely only eleven days) Wayne got out and sold his Shares - which today would of course be worth several billion US dollars - for a few hundred dollars.

That has the name Technology company by the way Steve Jobs Thanks to. He once said that he visited an apple orchard the day the company name was set. The fact that the name "Apple“Sounding friendly and lively was one reason for this. Another, however, that Apple was ahead of its main competitor at the time Atari was listed in the phone book. While Jobs was responsible for the name, he cared Ron Wayne in addition to legal matters Company formation also about the first Apple logo: At that time it showed the English physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Isaac Newtonsitting under an apple tree with a single apple hanging from it.

How it all began: Apple I, Apple II and Macintosh

Even before the official founding of Apple the first drafts for the Apple I. - was mainly responsible for this Steve Wozniak. The first Personal computer The world's (PC) was the first product offered by Apple - and by the computer chain Byte Shop was initially sold in a small number. For the price of $ 666 that was the computer not only for private households affordable, it could also be operated by anyone thanks to the necessary connections: a breakthrough that ultimately led to the production of the Apple II got going. Also this one Pc was developed almost single-handedly by Wozniak.

Apple: The first investor makes the success story possible

Because the Investments far exceeded what Apple Until then, the company transformed into a Corporation around and raised $ 250,000 from Mike Markkulaa. With that he made the success story of the Technology company only possible - because it was quick Apple II a best seller and is still considered one of the most successful PCs of all time.

Apple Macintosh: A microcomputer that is conquering the world

That the Apple Macintosh changed the world is by no means an exaggeration. It was in the first one intuitive operable computer - namely that Macintosh Classic - for the general public, at least at the beginning, not a great vision, but rather the desire that costs to be kept within an acceptable range. So that the macintosh sold below $ 1,000 should the screen for that time it could be a tiny five inches tall, and also at the processor was saved.

Apple: The Macintosh wasn't Steve Jobs' idea

The Macintosh project started in early 1979. Mainly responsible for that development the cheap and therefore suitable for the masses Macintosh Classic was not - as it is often wrongly reproduced - Steve Jobsbut the Apple-Employee Jef Raskin (61, † 2005). His idea was to have one computer to develop that everyone can afford. In addition, should computer no longer have to be operated with cryptic commands, but with Screen icons, Menus and using a mouse.

Of Jef Raskin also comes from Surname of the calculator that of the Canadian apple variety McIntosh is inspired. However, the abbreviation quickly established itself Mac, the Apple was later to take over even in its product names. On January 24, 1984, Jobs presented the first macintosh to the public after a sensational spot during the final of the Super Bowl XVIII was advertised. With the introduction and success of the computer, Apple succeeded in bringing the innovative graphical user interface to the emerging mass market for PCs firmly establish.

The era of Apple CEO John Sculley

In 1983 a successor to the previous head of the company became Mike Markkula wanted - and finally with John Sculley found. He already had some sensational ones Advertising campaigns implemented the reputation of one marketing-Genies elaborated and was the youngest vice president in the history of PepsiCo. Sculley was considered a confidante of Jobs and eventually switched to primarily because of the personal relationship Apple. Steve Jobs and John Sculley were recognized in the company as the "Dynamic Duo“Known because they complemented each other so well. At the beginning of the collaboration, both were more than euphoric - Jobs declared the day on which Sculley was to CEO was called to the most beautiful of his career and Sculley announced: "Apple has only one leader - Steve and me."

However, drastic differences of opinion quickly arose among the "Dynamic Duo“That finally ended in 1985 in that Jobs wanted to take over the post from Sculley. Because this endeavor failed, Jobs was given up on his tasks - above all the other one development of macintosh - delivered. He eventually quit his job and started the company NeXT. Sculley however had to 1993 his post as CEO of Apple vacate after a drastic quarterly loss.

Apple: Steve Jobs is cleaning up the store

As the reason for the losses that Apple At the beginning of the 90s, that was especially true operating system. In comparison to competitor it showed great weaknesses, especially in terms of speed, the protected random access memory and susceptibility to Crashes concerned. Things got better for the company after it became the company in December 1996 NeXT took over that Steve Jobs had founded. Jobs rolled up as Interim CEO completely changed the internal structures and from now on only focused on those development and perfecting four products: that iBook, the iMac, the PowerBook and the Power Mac.

In addition, provided Jobs for the hitherto unthinkable: He directed one deal with the greatest CompetitorsMicrosoft in the way of cross-licensing the Patents, a joint further development of the Java projects as well as the investment of Microsoft in non-voting Apple stocks for $ 150 million. A key success factor was then the introduction of the new one Mac OS 8 operating systemwhich took place in the summer of 1997. A new Age of Design rang in 1998 iMac G3 one that with its semi-transparent casing made of polycarbonate, five eye-catching colors and the playful shape with the standard Pc-Grey broke.

Apple iPod and Intel Macs bring great success

It was the little mobile device from Applethat the Music consumption revolutionized by millions of people: the MP3 player iPod. This was in October 2001 presented and was exclusively with at the beginning Macs compatible. Were entirely new MP3 player Not at that time, but on the one hand the now legendary one was convincing design - on the other hand the 5 gigabytes (GB) great Storagewhich was huge for the time. In the next few years, the company also created the iTunes Music Storewhere customers put their music on digital way could acquire. The big breakthrough came with both products when Apple she too for the first time Windows-Provided to users.

In addition to building your own Apple stores also brought the ones introduced in 2006 Intel Macs another uptrend. They were in the successor to the PowerBook - the MacBook Pro as well as the new one iMac built-in.

With the Apple iPhone the world in your pocket

Hardly any other technical device has this Apple iPhone the era of today Smartphones embossed. The first iPhone was together with the Apple TV in 2007 on the Macworld