Women go outside without a bra

I stopped wearing a bra and that's what happened

I am one of those women who, as soon as I come home, tear off my bra and toss it in the corner. A piece of clothing that, strictly speaking, I don't even need it. Why? I have a small breast. I only wore bras for two reasons: To cover my nipples and to give my breasts a nice shape. I haven't worn mega push-ups, but padding has helped a bit with shape and size. I really don't need bras for support - fortunately, my A-cup feels very comfortable even without a bra. Reason enough to spend a few weeks without these uncomfortable things and to record the whole thing.

First impression: nipples are apparently a "problem"

The first days without a bra were behind me and I was sure: I won't give up this feeling of freedom anytime soon. I wondered why I started wearing bras in the first place. For some reason, I never really questioned the fact. Until now. Because whether with or without a bra - in another shirt or sweater, the breast looked the same. The feeling was of course WITHOUT a completely different one. And then came the day when I was wearing a tight functional shirt in a ski hut and you could see my nipples. Again and again the eyes of men and women wandered from my face to my chest.

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Showing nipples is something "unusual"

It seemed "noticed" that I was not wearing a bra and I felt kind of uncomfortable. Quite unnecessary, because nipples are simply part of the female body. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't. At the same time, I felt bad about even bothering about it and secretly wishing it wasn't. But I also had thoughts like "If only more women would 'show' their nipples more often ... would that even be worth mentioning at some point?" Finally, my mom and aunt, with whom I spent the day skiing, asked me if I wasn't wearing a bra. Somehow they found it very amusing: I, as a rebel, so to speak.

Can we all agree that showing nipples is not an act of rebellion?

So, to ease my little inner struggle, I decided not to think about it any further and just not wear a bra. When it got warmer outside and I wore lighter or tighter tops again, on some days I didn't feel comfortable with them and decided to wear nipple pads every now and then. A good middle ground that works for me, although I secretly wish that I didn't care a bit more whether you can see my chest or not. However, it is also not the purpose of walking around feeling uncomfortable. So, I wish the breasts and nipples were less sexualized and simply viewed for what they are - a part of the body that doesn't need to be hidden. Today I sometimes wear a bra, sometimes not - the way I feel like it. Since my experiment, they've definitely moved to the farthest corner of my closet.