Monkfish is poisonous

Buy monkfish: price, taste and nutritional values

Would you like to buy anglerfish to cook with? Then you can look forward to a delicious taste - which is also reflected in the price. Read here why you should treat yourself to the fish every now and then.

The ugly "onion of the sea"

The anglerfish is often referred to as an ugly fish. And his disproportionately large head, his comparatively small eyes and his skin covered with knobs and protrusions do not make him particularly handsome. But it is special: it is also called the "onion of the sea" because it has seven layers of skin that protect it from the coldness of the water.

The frogfish: occurrence and habits

There are seven species of anglerfish worldwide and two of them live in European seas. In Germany you can mainly buy the Lophius piscatorius. The monkfish, or frogfish, live mostly near the bottom, where the water temperatures can be very low. The monkfish, which can be up to two meters tall, hunts rays there. Thanks to its huge mouth, it can devour prey that is twice its body size.

Buy anglerfish: Quality has its price

If you want to buy monkfish, you don't have to stick to certain times of the year - the fish is available all year round in this country. You should only pay attention to absolute freshness, as it perishes quickly. The meat is extremely versatile, somewhat elastic and quite firm. Therefore it hardly disintegrates and can be prepared in different ways - you can fry it or grill it, poach it, stew it, bake it or braise it.

But the fine meat has its price: If you want to buy monkfish, you have to invest a little - the fish usually costs between 40 and 50 euros per kilo.

Shopping tips: color and smell

Look out for quality goods at the seafood vendor or supermarket. Fresh monkfish can be recognized by their gray-white or pale-gray flesh and blue skin.

You should keep your distance from monkfish tails, which have a strong smell, discolored edges or brownish blood on the cut ends.

Monkfish: taste without remorse

The meat of the monkfish has a very subtle and pleasant aroma. The taste is a little reminiscent of lobster and less of fish. Monkfish also taste very fine and are therefore ideal for anyone who does not necessarily like fish.

When you buy monkfish, you are also doing something good for your health: 100 grams have only half a percent fat. The fatty acids are mostly unsaturated and therefore particularly healthy.

Monkfish does not contain any carbohydrates, but fifteen percent protein. With 68 kilocalories per 100 grams, the fish is very suitable for figure-conscious people.