Is it worth pre-ordering games

Pre-order games: is it worth it - or not?

Pre-order games

When new games are announced, there is great anticipation. In order to get started as early as possible, many players pre-order the game. But is it even worth it? We show the advantages and disadvantages.

Pre-orders for games are a trend, but caution is advised.

For game makers, pre-orders are a good thing. It increases liquidity during the development phase and increases planning security. From a player's point of view, however, there are also disadvantages.

Pre-order games: Please note that

When you pre-order a game, you get the following benefits:
  • You secure a copy on the day of publication.
  • Pre-orders are often rewarded with extras. This is mostly digital content that is available in the overall package under the term "Day One Edition".
  • Sometimes those who pre-order will even receive the game a few days earlier.
That sounds good so far, but possible disadvantages should also be considered:
  • Many games are announced big, but then disappoint. As a pre-orderer, you have already bought the game, even if it does poorly in tests.
  • Often a price drop occurs shortly after the release. So if you are a little patient you save money.
In particular, the uncertain quality of the finished title is an argument against pre-orders. However, that also depends on the individual case: With upcoming hits like Red Dead Redemption 2, the probability is extremely high that the game will live up to expectations. Even with titles like the next FIFA, you more or less know what you're getting. With new games from unknown developers, the risk is much higher. Here it tends to be worthwhile to wait for the release. There are enough copies anyway, so nobody is left out.
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