Up to what level can you get PSIT?

Federal rank

Faction ranks Federation [edit | Edit source]

You increase parliamentary ranks through special assignments that are offered to you from time to time on the bulletin board (e.g. from a federal marketing employee). You can recognize these missions by the sentence: "For the Federal Fleet ..." or "For the Imperial Fleet ...". By increasing your rank, you will be granted access to the faction's core systems (you will receive an invitation on the mission board as soon as available). You also need a high faction rank to buy the faction ships (Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette).

Recruit recruit
Cadet Cadet
Midshipman Ensign Federal Dropship purchasable
Petty officer Mate Access to the "SOL" system
Chief Petty Officer Chief mate Access to the "VEGA" & "BETA HYDRI" systems
Federal Assault Ship can be bought
Warrant Officer Ensign Access to the "PLX 695" system
Ensign lieutenant Access to the "ROSS 128" system

Federal Gunship can be bought

Lieutenant Captain lieutenant Access to the "EXBEUR" system
Lieutenant Commander Corvette Lieutenant
Post Commander Frigate captain Access to the "HORS" system
Post Captain captain
Rear admiral Rear admiral Federal Corvette can be bought
Vice Admiral Vice admiral
admiral admiral