Is Morrigan in Dragon Age 2


The winter palace

Morrigan meets the inquisitor when he returns to the grand ballroom. It has not escaped her notice that the Inquisitor is investigating.

She has already discovered a Venatori spy in the Winter Palace herself. Since the Venatori wanted to kill her, Morrigan had had no choice but to kill him in turn. She gives the inquisitor the spy's key, but she doesn't know where it fits.
Since the inquisitor already knows that Briala's people are talking about tumult in the servants' quarters, he suspects that the key might fit there.

Morrigan herself cannot conduct an investigation of her own as she has to be with Celene to protect her. After clarifying who will lead Orlais after that night, Morrigan reports that she has been instructed to aid the Inquisition against Corypheus.

In the Skyhold

Arrived at the Sky Fortress, Morrigan can be found in the back of the garden in front of the stone pavilion. After the problem with the Gray Guardians has been resolved, Morrigan shows the Inquisitor her Eluvian and an area of ​​the Way of the Cross. She believes that Corypheus wants to go to the Way of the Cross with an Eluvian, since nothing is much closer there than in the mortal world.

Depending on whether Morrigan at the end of Dragon Age: Origins Was pregnant or not, she will have her son Kieran with her. If Alistair is the father of the child and he is at the end of Origins went to the guards, the inquisitor can witness an encounter between him, Morrigan, and Kieran. Another prerequisite for this meeting is that first evil eyes and evil hearts and then Here is the abyss has been closed. Before it goes nowhere in the course of the latter quest, the three can be seen in the garden of the Skyhold.

Arbor wilderness

Morrigan accompanies the Inquisitor into the wilderness, worried that the raging fighting could destroy the nearby Temple of Mythal.
When the group arrives at a bridge to the temple, they witness Corypheus die and then rise again in the body of a Gray Guardian. This leads Morrigan to theorize that Corypheus, like the arch demons, has the ability to transfer his soul into another corrupt creature to be reborn in it. Before his "death" Corypheus said that the Guardians cannot separate him from the source of grief, which shows that he is looking for the source and not an Eluvian.

Morrigan deduces from a still legible elven inscription that the source harbors a lot of power, but demands a high price - a part of himself. Morrigan would make this sacrifice in order to prevent the source's knowledge from being lost. A short time later, Morrigan recommends completing the supplication rites for Mythal instead of following Corypheus' lieutenant Calpernia / Samson to another area.

After the group falls into a trap of the Guardians, Abelas tries to prevent anyone from taking the source. So he rushes to destroy them while Morrigan transforms into a raven and follows him. Unlike the lieutenant, Abelas reaches the source, but Morrigan is faster and cuts him off. If there was no alliance with the guardians, Abelas tries to destroy the source, but before that he is killed by Morrigan. On the other hand, if the Guardians and the Inquisitor fought together, Abelas allows the spring to be desecrated.

After Abelas is no longer a problem, Morrigan wants to drink from the spring to finally prevent Corypheus from receiving it. She stands by her decision and would sacrifice a part of herself in order to preserve all knowledge of the source. But the inquisitor can contradict her and drink from the spring himself. Morrigan thinks this is a bad idea, because the Inquisitor would understand very little, while the rest of the knowledge would be lost.

After the source has been absorbed by the Inquisitor or Morrigan, they flee through the local Eluvian, escaping Corypheus just in time. After they are back through the Eluvian in the sky fortress, the knowledge of the source reveals that Corypheus' dragon is his weakness. Should he die, Corypheus' ability to move his soul into a new body would be prevented for a short time. This would be the chance to destroy Corypheus for good.

When Kieran was born: After returning from the Arbor Wilderness, the Eluvian opens in the Skyhold through which Kieran passes. Morrigan pursues him nowhere, followed by the Inquisitor. Together they meet Flemeth, who is interested in the soul of the old god and her daughter tries to stop her. When Morrigan has drunk from the spring, Flemeth orders her to end her endeavor immediately. If the Inquisitor has drunk from the spring, Flemeth forces this Morrigan to stop.
Since there is nothing they can do about it, Flemeth takes Urthemiel's soul. Has Morrigan drank from the spring, Flemeth now teaches her how to transform into a high dragon to support the inquisitor against Corypheus and his red Lyrium dragon.

After Flemeth leaves, everyone returns to Skyhold. If the Inquisitor has drunk from the spring, Morrigan thanks him now that she is not forever bound by Flemeth's will. On the other hand, if Morrigan drank from the spring, she says the Inquisitor can be glad not to be bound by Flemeth's will.

If Kieran wasn't born: When Morrigan has drunk from the spring, the voices call her to an altar in Mythal. Morrigan travels there with the Inquisitor to meet Flemeth. She shares her connection with Mythal and teaches her daughter the ability to transform into a high dragon. If the inquisitor drank from the spring, however, he was called to the altar by the voices, with Morrigan following him. In this case they also meet Flemeth, who talks about Mythal.

If Morrigan has drunk from the spring, she supports the inquisitor in the form of a high dragon during the last fight against the red Lyrium dragon. She is injured in the process, but survives.