How was Scentsy founded in 2003

Want to learn more about Scentsy? What is Scentsy? Which products do we offer and what is so special? The direct sales company SCENTSY offers electric fragrance lamps, fragrance fans, diffusers as well as fragrance wax, fragrance oil, pods and many other fragrant products. The company was founded in 2003 by Orville and Heidi Thompson, based in Meridian, Idaho (USA).

Today the company consists of a steadily growing team with over 100,000 independent consultants, around 2000 in Germany, who use the popular Scentsy products at home parties, online parties as well as in theirs Scentsy online shop to offer.

Pleasant fragrances and artfully designed room fragrance systems such as fragrance lamps, fragrance fans and room diffusers enchant the living spaces. Relax and feel good - it's best at home!

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy offers the safest, cleanest home fragrance system available in the fragrance market. Safety without fire and toxic substances

Instead of candles, heating plates or light bulbs are used to heat the Scentsy Bar wax. There is no risk of fire and no toxic substances. No fire, no soot and non-toxic for humans and animals. Due to the low melting temperature, you have a particularly long serving of scented wax. Compared to a candle, a Scentsy Bar has a scent for up to 120 hours and can be quickly and easily exchanged for a new scent.

Clean and without soot

There is no soot when using an aroma lamp. So no glass or fragrance lamp is smeared with soot. A clean affair! In addition, unlike scented candles, when heated, no toxic substances are created that can cause headaches, malaise or nausea.

Simply enjoy

At a Fragrance fanWhether for the socket, as a mini fan or Scentsy Go, you simply insert one or two Scentsy Pods (filled with fragrance globules) and experience the immediate scent.

The Scentsy space diffuser is equipped with a power cable and is filled with water and a few drops of the fragrance oil of your choice. The noble, luminous diffusers create a delicate water mist that pampers every room with a pleasant scent. Just perfect for relaxing and feeling good!

Inexpensive with a lifetime guarantee

An electric Scentsy fragrance lamp (available from € 28), a fan or diffuser are one-time purchases and convince with a lifelong guarantee and stylish design. The diffuser can also be optically changed afterwards by exchanging the lampshade.

A scented candle costs 4-5 euros and burns for about 8-10 hours. (€ 2 / hour) A Scentsy Bar lasts for at least 120 hours and costs € 8.50. (max. € 0.10 / hour) In the economy package, the scented wax is even cheaper! So let's go! If you like fragrances, you will love Scentsy!

Sabrina Hensel

independent Star consultant