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Knitting as therapy - 7 reasons why knitting is good for your health

Knitting distracts from bad habits

Whether you're picking up a cigarette, drinking a glass of wine or eating chocolate in a bored or stressed moment, knitting can be a great distraction. Your hands are so busy that you have no way of lighting a cigarette but also keeps your brain so busy that you won't even think about what it would be like to finish the bar of chocolate after all.

Knitting is good for mental health

The University of British Columbia carried out a study on 38 women who had eating disorders and were taking knitting classes. The result was really astonishing: a full 74 percent of the test subjects said that knitting reduced their fears and kept them from constantly thinking about their problems. Most of the test subjects were knitting in other words, to a significant improvement in their condition. But knitting isn't just supposed to help against eating disorders, too Depression and anxiety disorders should be able to be alleviated in a long-term and healthy way.

Knitting helps you lose weight

Knitting keeps your hands busy and keeps you from reaching for the gummy bear bag. But that's not the only reason why knitting is helpful in losing weight. Some life coaches offer knitting as a learning method in order to better deal with everyday stress. We have already learned above that this works, but what does that have to do with losing weight? Quite simply: the blood pressure is verifiably lowered while knitting and stress hormones are reduced. The lack of stress supports the patient in losing weight and promotes healthy eating behavior. Also, knitting in this way will help you quit smoking.

Knitting alleviates pain

Knitting should even be able to alleviate physical pain, according to Betsan Corkhill, physiotherapist and founder of the Stitchlinks platform, which among other things also offers therapeutic knitting methods. A study carried out with 60 pain patients was able to prove that regular actuation of the needle led to noticeable pain relief in the test subjects. This is probably due to the fact that the test subjects no longer focused on their complaints, but instead concentrated entirely on knitting, which made them think about one no pain signals registered for a longer period of time.

Knitting is good for confidence

Knitting can help you believe in yourself more. It takes a lot of stamina to knit and to make a piece of clothing or something similar with needles and wool. You may have to fight your way through or split everything up again. This experience can help you in your later life not to give up but to fight your way through challenges - and if you have managed this and then hold a beautiful scarf, an enviable sweater or maybe even various knitted decorations in your hands, this is a decent booster for your self-confidence, because you have shown patience and skill and have created something great on your own.

Knitting is not only a beautiful activity that is fun and provides variety in the wardrobe, handicraft can even be a real booster for your health. You have already learned about the many ways in which knitting can help you improve your health. Now it's your turn: get on the knitting needles!