Why are Facebook's targeted ads so bad

Targeted advertising on Facebook: Targeted advertising

At the Targeted advertising The aim is to adapt advertisements on the Internet as well as possible to the content of the target pages and to the desired target groups. The advertising is placed in such a way that it is as relevant as possible for the respective audience and is only displayed to potential interested parties. This can reduce wastage.

For example, when someone searches for furniture online, that person will often see advertisements on the same subject on Facebook. The whole thing works via so-called cookies - small browser codes that remember what users are buying or looking at. Ad networks then use this data to serve targeted ads.

Who paid Ads on Facebook want to switch can use a tool to define the desired target group: information such as age, environment, gender, educational status and, of course, interests. For example, a company that makes cat food can choose to show its ad to users who have liked Facebook pages about cats.


Facebook has written detailed instructions on targeted advertising: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/online-sales/ad-targeting-details


Image rights: Facebook