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Prepare filter coffee - experience classic enjoyment

Filter coffee is still the most popular coffee specialty in Germany and is also coming back to many caf├ęs. In order to extract its full flavor from the ground roast coffee, you can prepare it in a wide variety of ways, either with the help of a filter coffee machine or by hand. The principle of coffee preparation is identical for both methods: the coffee powder is carefully filtered with hot water. And this is how the popular coffee taste is created.

Tchibo Coffee Service shows you what is important when preparing your filter coffee.

Brewing coffee with the hand filter: this is how you can enjoy coffee

If you decide to prepare your filter coffee manually, this has the advantage that you can determine the amount of coffee, the water temperature and the speed of the infusion yourself. To do this, the paper filter is first folded on the corrugated edge before you put it in a ceramic or porcelain coffee filter. Then fill in the coffee powder and pour hot water around 90 degrees over it.

The speed of pouring over has a decisive effect on the taste of the coffee. If you pour in all of the water at once, you will get a mild-tasting coffee. Only leave enough water in the filter to just cover the coffee, wait half a minute and pour over and over again, this will give your coffee a stronger, tart note. It is important to pour the water in circular movements from the outside to the inside. In this way you can be sure that all of the coffee powder is reached.

Prepare filter coffee in the machine - the uncomplicated way to prepare coffee

The difference between the two preparation methods is that with the coffee filter machine the water runs automatically and continuously over the coffee. The coffee powder can be ground a little more coarsely than with the hand filter, as brewing takes longer and the extraction of the coffee aroma is stronger. After the coffee powder has been appropriately positioned in the filter, all you have to do is fill the water tank up to the desired cup mark and press the start button. Then it's time to wait ten minutes and enjoy. Afterwards, you should not forget to clean the coffee machine regularly, because deposited oils and limescale lead to an unpleasant taste.

Three tips for good filter coffee

Whether you brew your coffee by hand or with a coffee machine, here are some tips you should take to get the best coffee taste:

  1. Preheating the coffee filter: Before you put the paper filter in the device, rinse it briefly with hot water. This eliminates the inherent taste of the paper and the coffee filter is already preheated.
  2. Use coffee powder quickly: Coffee powder loses its aroma over time. So that your coffee always tastes fresh and delicious, you should use your freshly ground coffee quickly.
  3. Dose exactly: For a 200 milliliter cup of coffee, around 12 grams of finely ground coffee powder are required. You can dose the right amount of coffee powder with the help of a coffee spoon or a kitchen scale - for a tasty filter coffee enjoyment at all times.

Enjoy the filter coffee experience to the full

Would you like to try your hand at the preparation of filter coffee or get to know the principle of preparing filter coffee with Aeropress? With step-by-step instructions you will now find important tips on the grind of the coffee beans, the water temperature and the preparation time. Of course, at Tchibo Coffee Service you also get filter coffee machines, hand filters and other coffee accessories that you need for perfect coffee preparation. Take a look around and experience the popular classic.