What kind of substance is that

Toxic substances in corona rapid tests - what is behind it?

AW: Have you read the leaflet for rapid tests from Roche or others?

by Karolina on April 24th, 2021 at 5:39 pm

Hello everyone who is interested in health and nature conservation,

The leaflet from Roche and others shows that - as mentioned in the other comments - this is a biohazardous waste present in the tests. Read it yourself.
Roche even deals with substances of concern that must never get into the water. (!!!)
Literally there.
For weeks I tried to find out where this dangerous substance was ... Last Wednesday, Welt reported that it was in a buffer solution. In our tests, this was delivered in closed vials. (Quick test from Siemens). But then we put the liquid into the test tube, which has a drip device, so that we can squeeze it out onto the test cassette. This container can no longer be called leak-proof. I didn't know it was that toxic until recently.
School children are tested with Roche.
I ask myself why the disposal of the rapid tests is only provided with waste code 180104? ... So it is simply "allowed" to go into the residual waste. Are biohazardous substances always burned?
Or does the simplified disposal of the quick tests have something to do with the current “logic”: All class children tested negative, go back to the class and sit down at their individual table, 2 m away from each other and ... put on masks. Faceless learning can begin! It's going great! Or?!...
What has happened to us? ...