What is the scope of biology in the 12th.

Bachelor of Biology

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Course coordinator Michael Bögle

This page contains information on the study structure. Application information can be found here from around mid-April - the application process is currently being revised.

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Course structure / modules

The bachelor's degree in biology provides for a joint training course for all students during the basic studies (1st to 4th semester), in which broad basic knowledge is imparted. In the orientation course (5th and 6th semester), students choose between the molecular, cellular, the organismic or the biochemical direction. The main language of instruction is German.

Basic course:

  1. Semester: zoology, botany as well as inorganic chemistry, mathematics and physics
  2. Semester: Determination course in botany and zoology as well as organic chemistry and physics
  3. Semester: Basic training in biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and human biology as well as physical chemistry and physics
  4. Semester: Basic training in animal physiology, ecology, evolution, cell biology and mathematics.

Orientation studies:

In the 5th semester, the students choose 5 modules from the following areas:

  • Cell biophysics
  • genetics
  • microbiology
  • Molecular Plant Science
  • Cell biology
  • Human biology
  • Neurobiology
  • anthropology
  • zoology
  • Botany and mycology
  • Molecular and Experimental Evolution
  • Experimental and Comparative Ecology