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Those cuties were created by * Kurosava-Neko
I only designed these.

Okay today my friend * Kurosava-Neko finished the Species sheet of her new species: The Canidoraptor.
They are awesome, like fluffy dinos * 3 *

Read the ref.
Really read it ... now!
This isn't a question this is a command, NOW!

She offered me to make one for free for me and I should only tell her what it should looks like, but it was hard to choose, so I tried some different things and that's what came out.
Now I still don't know what I want but I have some nice ideas and some questions to ask.

Whatever, I thought "what to do with those designs, should I just delate them" NOPE! I'm going to sell them.
All Points I will get for them, will be for * Kurosava-Neko! I'm not selling them for myself.

I'm sorry I didn't asked you kat, but well ... it's 3am ...
If you are not okay with it, I will delate this and pay everyone their points back.


They are Point-Adobtables (all 40)
First come first serve
DON'T send me the points until I give you the "OK"
If you draw it or use it somewhere, please give credit to * Kurosava-Neko.
You have to keep the gender.
please only one per person

1. SOLD * ThatButlerGoesBlack
2. Send SOLD
3. SOLd * Horsewhisperer5
4. SOLD ~ StormyKitsune

Species (c)
Type (c)
uh .. so first of all I was .. surprised how i saw that .. xD
so like Misa said, no will not give any problems on my part XD
but next time just ask; 3
I mean it's good that they sell so well * g *
Maybe this sheet will give my raptoris * gg * ^^ more of a taste

the designs have all turned out very chic.
It's a shame that number 1 roughly corresponds to what Misa imagined>. <
whereby the females would have to be a bit smaller XD

and to the points .. * hihi * thank you for the small pre-sale XD
I already thought "hmmm ... why are Wyv points coming back?" XD
Nujaa .. then I'll just wait for other requests from the others for the raptors .. ^^
Will be done, but actually I haven't either
to do more are yours ^^

Now you've put blood XD
Getting points is a great feeling, especially if you don't have to do anything for it XD
And the people have already seen something of the rappies ^^

Oh okay little one, damn it, I forgot. I thought of the ears but then forgot: c

Dont wait too long. take the initiative and do some.
It is also important to have a good look at the description so that people quickly know how much it costs and whether it is still free.
But that will be fine ^^
* hihi * that's right XDD
juuup ^^ you are actually very interested: 3
although some can not read the description XDD do not care

oh is not so bad .. maybe they are tall females? .. men women .. xD
there must be something like that in the animal kingdom P.

juu already brought out the sheet ^^
and even have 2 requests for the raptors ^ _____________________ ^
Mmm .. they have become chic,
aer how, you uploaded without katsu's consent?
Well wa hope that you agree with the samples, and that they are consistent. But basically it should be ok, only that number 3 doesn't have a specific pattern around the eyes, but the stripes would probably have overlapped too much. But the points from number 2 have become very, very nice.

I'm a little bit depressed that the first one looks exactly like the one I designed in my head .. But now someone already has it that's stupid T___T That means I have to come up with something mini-individual .. arrg ..>. <
Yes, I hope she agrees, if not I was responsible for everything
Jan Anfagst had number 3 also only the musster al but then the stripes came, they are in each other and .. bad .. if necessary, I'll edit it again ^^

I like number 4. I'll ask kat something similar .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!
Ohh my god it's gonna be a girl * 3 *

Oh man .. well I don't want to lean too far out of the window when it comes to things and just took the samples that were on the ref.
But when it comes to the king's cheetah, you can do a lot with the points.
This one has also gotten very dark. ask for something brighter ..
sorry about that.
Yeah .. I mean with katsu there won't be an oversized drama, but there might be problems with things like that ^^ "Since the adoptables belong to the buyers, you couldn't just give them back ..

Yes? I like their gray-brown coloration .. if that's permissible

Yeah great T___T I said kat back then I would like to have a royal cheetah dotted, she then took it with her on the reef and it is clear that others will also have these points, but with exactly this color and everything ... T_________T
I didn't want anything brighter. but I'll have to take something lighter, because darker swallows the points xD
Well there is a refund and legally I am not yet 18 so you are not allowed to make any contracts with me, the contract or the purchase would be invalid XD

* laugh *
I also think that the pattern of our salicos is gladly accepted ^^^
But there I can do a lot of color technology. ^^
Well if you mean xD
Is of course an argument .. Well, well, we don't have to try everything because kat has agreed. Makes a lot of things easier ^^