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Niki Lauda Auto costs $ 4.35 million

The South African Gordon Murray (74) is one of the most famous Formula 1 designers of all time. Nelson Piquet won the only world title for BMW in 1983 in his Brabham BT52. In 1988 Ayrton Senna won the world championship in the McLaren MP4 / 4, also designed by Murray. Meanwhile, Murray and his English company Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) are concentrating on road cars - but which are ultimately racing cars in disguise. Yesterday GMA presented the first car in the world that can bear the name of Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda, ​​who died in 2019. According to The Drive, the super sports car "T.50s Niki Lauda" will be produced in a limited edition of 25 from 2023 at a price of 4.35 million dollars (3.6 million euros).

The Formula 1-like racer for wealthy sheikhs is, according to Murray, "the last real super sports car before there were only electric cars". The 12-cylinder Cosworth engine develops 701 hp - not too much compared to Bugatti, McLaren & Co. The number is all the more impressive because the Niki Lauda car only weighs an unrivaled low 852 kilos. The fan for which Gordon Murray's cars are famous rotates in the rear. The huge fan sucks the T.50s onto the road with negative pressure and ensures maximum traction. That is why he is also allowed to bear the name of Niki Lauda. Because with such a "vacuum cleaner car" (English: "Fancar") the Austrian won the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix. After that, the Brabham BT46B was banned because it was too superior.

PlayStation 5 controller: Broken after four months

The PlayStation 5 was released in November 2020. But the first controllers of the new Sony console should soon give up their ghost. This is ensured by cheap technology components that the Japanese build into their hardware. The repair experts from iFixit have now found out. They disassembled the PS5's dual-sense controller - and found the RKJXV thumbpointer from Alps Alpine in Japan. This hardware for the analog sticks has already caused trouble in the competing consoles Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This leads to the phenomenon of so-called "joystick drift". After a certain wear and tear of the controller, the characters move minimally even without input by the player - they "drift".

Because of this phenomenon, several class actions are already running in the USA - which now also affect Sony with the PS5. iFixit explains in its investigation now "why the joysticks of the PS5 are drifting (and why this will only get worse in the future)". In other words: The first buyers of the console, whose joysticks are still working without complaint, have to fear that they will soon run into problems as well. According to the manufacturer, the thumbpointer lasts around two million cycles. iFixit has measured and calculated that a game requires between 80 and 120 operating cycles per minute. If you gamble for two hours a day, you can reach the limit after 137 days or a good four and a half months. From March onwards, the first PS5 controllers could become a guarantee case. In its conclusion, iFixit calls on manufacturers to use higher quality components.

Black and white: Youtube blocks "racist" chess players

Chess players get to feel the absurd excesses of artificial intelligence on YouTube. Like many other platforms, Google's video service relies on software algorithms for the moderation of its content - because otherwise the flood of content can no longer be mastered. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have now found that videos of chess games are particularly often blocked - because words such as "black", "white", "attack", "defense" or "danger" are found in the comments on the games are. The YouTube algorithm interprets these chess-typical terms as racist and glorifying violence.

According to the British Independent and Standard from Austria, the impetus for the investigation came from the Croatian chess player Antonio Radić, whose YouTube channel blocked for 24 hours in mid-2020 because of "harmful and dangerous" content. As a result, the US scientists examined over 680,000 comments from chess channels. Result: The YouTube software rated 82 percent of the posts as problematic - even though it was only about chess terms. How the problem can be solved is currently unclear. Maybe the royal game has to break away from black and white thinking and become more colorful and diverse.

Aldi: Is the 82-inch giant television worth it for 1,099 euros?

Aldi Süd is selling the 82-inch giant television Medion Life X17882 online for EUR 1,099 from Thursday (February 25). Aldi Nord will follow suit on March 4th with the same model and the same price. The experts of the PC world have taken the 2.07 meter giant under the microscope - and analyzed whether it is worth buying at a low price. Result: 1,099 euros are actually unrivaled cheap for an 82-inch television. And the Medion also offers solid quality. But an alternative from Samsung has a lot more to offer in terms of technology.

At a budget price, the Aldi television obviously only offers an LCD screen - and no OLED. But at 350 candelas per m², the display is not too bright. For high-contrast HDR images, 600 to 1,000 candelas are ideal. The Medion collects plus points with its direct LED backlight, which also enables good pictures from the side. The panel's response time of 9.5 ms is too short for demanding console gamers. In addition, there is no HDMI 2.1 on board. This means that 4K games run at a maximum of 60 frames per second. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would even allow 120 images. And the power consumption is very high at 240 watts. The cheapest 82-inch alternative, the Samsung TU8079, can do a lot better and only consumes 180 watts. It costs 1,399 euros on Amazon, the 300 euros extra price is apparently worthwhile.

In the next three days it is definitely worth reading the news from the 77-inch Berlin tech giant Michael Gronau. Have fun!